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Guide To Selling Electronics Online via Google Shopping [2024]

Guide To Selling Electronics Online via Google Shopping [2024]

Most people who want to buy electronics usually search on Google first.

So the fact is that If you list your products in Google Shopping, in many cases, they will appear as product suggestions in the search results.

One of the best ways for you to get more sales is to list your products on Google Shopping.

It is one of the best techniques you can apply while selling electronics online.

As an electronics seller, you must know that,

Consumer electronic sales will reach $269.20 bn in 2024.

I know you are thinking about these :

  • How can you ensure you get maximum reach on product suggestions?
  • And when you do get potential buyers, how do you ensure you convert as many of them as possible?
  • How to sell electronics online via Google Shopping easily?

In this article, you will learn how you will get a clear answer.

Dus laten we in detail treden.

Create Effective Product Listing via Google Shopping

The first step to getting your products into the product suggestions is to upload your products on Google Shopping.

Following are some of the ways you can optimize your product listings for maximum results :

1. Include Core Keywords In The Title

The first factor in ranking product suggestions is the product title.

When it comes to electronics, people usually call them by multiple specific terms.

But you have to find the terms that are used by the majority.

For example, a trimmer is also often called an electronic shaver.

But the majority calls it a trimmer. So the term “trimmer” must be in the product title.

Second, buyers are often attracted to the brand. Third, in some products the model is important.

So, you need to have the product brand, the model, and the common term of the product name should be included in the product title.

This will increase impressions and allow the right buyers to recognize the product they are looking for.

2. Curated Product Images That Catch The Eye

Product images play a big part in attracting buyers. If you use a typical image similar to everyone else, it may not work.

You may try the following:

  • Use alternate colors. Search for your product on Google and find out how the typical results are. Then design your image to have a unique color that may make it stand out. One way is to have the product on a white background, but add a colored border so that is stands out.
  • For the image you choose to submit, update its tile and alternate text to be the same as the product title.
  • Do not add any promotional text to the image as Google Shopping reject it.

Overall, these are changes we recommend for you to make on the image that you submit in your product data.

3. Indicate Specific Google Product Categories In Your Product Data

Google Shopping allows you to submit the appropriate category for selling electronics online of which you want your products to be part.

You can easily do that by including an attribute “Google Product Category” and indicating which category your product is best suited in.

This will help to display your products as related or similar product suggestions when a buyer is not sure of the product name.

4. Include all the right attributes for Google Shopping

attributes for Google Shopping - Selling Electronics Online

When you submit your product data feed on Google Merchant Center to sell electronics online, make sure you have the following data included:

  • Product ID
  • Titel van het product
  • Productbeschrijving
  • Product Link/URL
  • Productcategorie
  • Google Product Categorie
  • Productafbeelding URL
  • Voorraadbeschikbaarheid
  • Normale prijs
  • Fabrikant/Merknaam
  • GTIN or MPN
  • Identifier Bestaat

Other than these, you may add additional attributes that are related to electronic products.

  • Product Condition – To indicate if these are new or refurbished.
  • Product Dimensions – The product length, width, and height.
  • Product Weight- The weight of the product.
  • Product Detail – Include additional specifications of the product.
  • Product Highlight – Link to a video of the product showcase.
  • Custom Labels – To mention non-attribute values as attributes such as model, technology, etc.
  • Shipping Information

You will be able to easily generate the product feed from your WooCommerce store in just a few clicks using a simple plugin – Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce.

5. Increase Local Visibility (if applicable)

If you are shipping a product to local areas only, then you have to be clear about it in your product listings and Google Shopping.

  • Use the country name (or city name) in the product description. For example “Get it anywhere in CA in just 3 days!”
  • Include the country name as a custom label.
  • If feasible, offer a special discount on shipping on local deliveries. Many tend to offer free shipping.
  • Allow an option of local pick-up.

Other than these, an important thing to do is to submit your products for selling electronics online as local product inventory other than the basic Google shopping listing.

This will ensure you get extra preference when local buyers search for your products. You can generate a local product inventory easily.

6. Use Google Merchant Promotions For Better Conversions

In your Google Merchant Center, you will find an option to apply for Google Promotions which allows you to run momentary discounts for the products you already listed in the Shopping feed.

The specialty of this is you can highlight that you have a special offer for your products rather than waiting for people to click on the product display Ads and visit your site to see the offer.

For this, you have to submit a separate Google promotion feed with details on the offers you have.

You can do a single promotion for all the products or submit unique promotion details for specific products.

This will give you an edge when people view the Shopping Ads.

There will be a special highlighted text such as “Special offer: 15% off” below the product Ad to grab the attention of the buyers.

7. Optimize Structured Data & Product Page To Get Approved

After you submit your feed, a Google bot will crawl your website and try to match the product data to your JSON-LD structured data and the product data on the page to confirm authenticity.

You need to ensure you have a proper JSON-LD format set for your structured data.

You can do it manually or via using a plugin. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce allows you to do it with just a click.

Plus, you need to ensure there aren’t any mismatches on the main required product data. For example, the prices must match.

8. Customer Reviews and Ratings Can Create A Huge Difference

Positive reviews build trust, making potential buyers more confident in purchasing from you.

You can encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails or offering small incentives like discounts. Highlight top reviews and ratings on your product pages to draw attention and establish credibility.

Your authentic testimonials can be showcased not only on Google Shopping but also in your marketing materials and social media, adding a personal touch.

A Quick Look At Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is a unique plugin that allows you to generate WooCommerce product feed for Google Shopping, and other Google Merchant product promotion surfaces in just a few clicks.

PFM for selling electronics online via Google Shopping

The plugin ensures the product feed is generated in the right format with all the required attributes.

Plus, you will have full control over what product data you want to include and what products you do not want to list on Google Shopping.

Additionally, you will get pre-built feed templates for Google Shipping, Google Product Promotions, Local Inventory Feed, and Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads so that you can prepare them all in one place without wasting hours.

If you are selling electronics online using a WooCommerce store, then check out Product Feed Manager. It will save you hours in creating the product data file.

These are some of the ways your product listings will be optimized to sell electronics online and get more views with click-throughs on Google product suggestions.

Next, it’s time to ensure, that whoever clicks the Shopping Ads and lands on your website, you are able to convert. as many of them as possible.

How To Implement Conversion Tactics In Your WooCommerce Store For More Sales

So, you optimized your Google feed and started getting a lot of traffic on your website.

Now, losing these prospects would mean wasting your acquisition cost.

To avoid this, you may try a few techniques to ensure a high conversion rate for selling electronics online.

  1. Offer a Discount for First-Time Buyers: When customers visit your store for the first time, they’ll receive a special 10-20% discount to encourage an immediate purchase. This welcome discount helps them get the best deal right away.
  2. Use Target-Based Discounts to Trigger Higher AOV: As they shop for electronics online, take advantage of attractive discounts for orders over $500. This encourages them to add more items to their cart.
  3. Highlight the CTA Button & Special Offers on the Product Page: While browsing products, they’ll notice the “Buy Now” button highlighted with eye-catching colors. Special offers like “20% off today” are prominently displayed to ensure they don’t miss out on great deals.
  4. Use a Distraction-Free Checkout Page: When Your customers are ready to check out, the page is kept simple and straightforward. Options like multi-step, express, or one-page checkout are available to help them stay focused on completing their purchase without distractions.
  5. Initiate Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns: If they add items to their cart but leave without completing the purchase, friendly reminder emails will be sent. These reminders encourage them to return and finish their shopping.
  6. Make Post-Purchase Offers for Higher Sales: After completing a purchase, relevant upsell offers are presented. For example, if they buy a $150 monitor, a $300 monitor at 10% off might be offered to enhance their setup.
  7. Special Coupon for Second-Time Purchase: Once they complete their first order, a special coupon for your next purchase will be sent via email. This encourages them to return and shop for electronics online again.


In conclusion, to effectively sell electronics on Google Shopping, it’s important to focus on both your website and your product data feed.

With the product feed manager plugin, you can simplify this process.

When done right, you’ll see a significant rise in sales and conversions.

Complementing your Google Shopping efforts with paid ads on Facebook can further enhance profitability.

Building a popular online electronics store takes time. Even with these strategies, you’ll need to test and refine your product data continuously to identify what works best.

It can take anywhere from three months to over a year to achieve steady results, so patience and persistence are key.

Once you start seeing growth, you can then concentrate on well-planned promotional campaigns to boost sales further.

** FAQs **

How do I stand out among competitors on Google Shopping?

  • To stand out, use detailed, accurate product titles with core keywords, brand names, and specific model numbers. High-quality, unique images with alternate colors or borders can also grab buyers’ attention.

What’s the best way to handle high shipping costs for electronics?

  • I recommend offering free shipping or partial discounts on high-value orders. Highlight these offers in your listings to attract budget-conscious buyers and increase sales.

How can I keep up with rapid changes in technology and trends?

  • Stay updated by monitoring social media and Google Trends. Adjust your inventory quickly to match new trends and efficiently clear out old stock to stay relevant.

How can I assure customers of the authenticity of my products?

  • You can assure customers by including model numbers, dates, and GTIN or serial numbers in your descriptions. Offer to share this info via chat or email to build trust and credibility.

How do I make complex electronic features easy to understand?

  • Simplify descriptions by highlighting the most popular features in paragraphs and using bullet points for additional specs. Adding video links or infographics can also help clarify complex features and engage your audience.

Try Product Feed Manager For Free!

Generate accurate product feeds for Google shopping, Facebook feed, TikTok Ads & popular US and European marketplaces easily!

Guide To Selling Electronics Online via Google Shopping [2024] 1

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