Guide To Selling Electronics Online via Google Shopping [2024]

Guide To Selling Electronics Online via Google Shopping [2024]

Online electronic stores have gained immense popularity over the years, and the competition is getting more and more difficult.

It is estimated that consumer electronic sales will reach $602.70 bn in the USA by the end of 2023.

Hence, as a WooCommerce store, selling electronics online can be quite a challenge.

One of the best ways for you to grow your electronics sales is to list your products on Google Shopping.

The fact is that most people who want to buy electronics usually search on Google first. If your products are listed on Google Shopping, in many cases, they will appear as product suggestions in the search results.

However, so many others have also listed their products on Google Shopping. So, how can you ensure you get maximum reach on product suggestions? And when you do get potential buyers, how do you ensure you convert as many of them as possible?

In this article, you will learn how you can

  • optimize your product data so that they are aligned with your targeted buyers and curated for Google Shopping to display your electronic products more often.
  • stay prepared to convert the potential buyers you get via Google Shopping or other marketing efforts.

Dus laten we in detail treden.

How To Optimize Product Data To Increase Sales via Google Shopping🔌

The first step to getting your products into the product suggestions is to upload your products on Google Shopping.

One of the main issues most WooCommerce stores face is they upload their products on Google Shopping and get approved easily. However, they get significantly fewer impressions and click-through.

Following are some of the ways you can optimize your product listings for maximum results.

1. Include Core Keywords In The Title

The first factor of ranking on product suggestions is by the product title.

When it comes to electronics, people usually call them by multiple specific terms. But you have to find the terms that are used by majority.

For example, a trimmer is also often called an electornic shaver. But the majority calls it a trimmer. So the term “trimmer” must be in the product title.

Second, buyers are often attracted to the brand.
Third, in some products the model is important.

So, you need to have the product brand, the model, and the common term of the product name should be included in the product title.

This will increase impressions and allow the right buyers recognize the product they were looking for.

2. Curated Product Images That Catch The Eye

The product images play a big part in attracting buyers. If you use a typical image similar to everyone else, it may not work.

You may try the following:

  • Use alternate colors. Search for your product on Google and find out how the typical results are. Then design your image to have a unique color that may make it stand out. One way is to have the product on a white background, but add a colored border so that is stands out.
  • The image you choose to submit, update it’s tile and alternate text to be the same as the product title.
  • Do not add any promotional texts on the image as that is rejected by Google Shopping.

Overall, these are changes we recommend for you to make on the image that you submit in your product data.

3. Indicate Specific Google Product Categories In Your Product Data

Google Shopping allows you to submit the appropriate category in which you want your products to be part of.

You can easily do that by including an attribute “Google Product Category” and indicating which category your product is best suited in.

~ You may find the Google product category list here.

This will help to display your products as related or similar product suggestions when a buyer is not sure of the product name.

4. Include all the right attributes for Google Shopping

When you submit your product data feed on Google Merchant Center, make sure you have the following data included:

  • Product ID
  • Titel van het product
  • Productbeschrijving
  • Product Link/URL
  • Productcategorie
  • Google Product Categorie
  • Productafbeelding URL
  • Voorraadbeschikbaarheid
  • Normale prijs
  • Fabrikant/Merknaam
  • GTIN or MPN
  • Identifier Bestaat

Other than these, you may add additional attributes that are related to electronic products.

  • Product Condition – To indicate if these are new or refurbished.
  • Product Dimensions – The product length, width, and height.
  • Product Weight
  • Product Detail – Include additional specifications of the product.
  • Product Highlight – Link to a video of the product showcase.
  • Custom Labels – To mention non-attribute values as attributes such as model, technology, etc.
  • Shipping Information

~ You may get more details on possible attributes to submit here.

You will be able to easily generate the product feed from your WooCommerce store in just a few clicks using a simple plugin – Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce.

5. Optimize For Local Visibility (if applicable)

If you are shipping a product on local areas only, then you have to be clear about it in your product listings and Google Shopping.

  • Use the country name (or city name) in the product description. For example “Get it anywhere in CA in just 3 days!”
  • Include the country name as a custom label.
  • If feasible, offer a special discount on shipping on local deliveries. Many tend to offer free shipping.
  • Allow an option of local-pickup.

Other than these, an important thing to do is to submit your products as local product inventory other than the basic Google shopping listing.

This will ensure you get extra preference when local buyers search for your products.

~ Here’s a guide on generating a local product inventory feed.

6. Use Google Merchant Promotions For Better Conversions

In your Google Merchant Center, you will find an option to apply for Google Promotions which allows you to run momentary discounts for the products you already listed in the Shopping feed.

The specialty of this is you can highlight that you have a special offer for your products rather than waiting for people to click on the product display Ads and visit your site to see the offer.

For this, you have to submit a separate feed with details on the offers you have. You can do a single promotion for all the products or submit unique promotion details for specific products.

This will give you an edge when people view the Shopping Ads. There will be a special highlighted text such as “Special offer: 15% off” below the product Ad to grab the attention of the buyers.

~ Here is a guide on generating a Google Promotions Feed.

You may learn more about how this works here.

7. Optimize Structured Data & Product Page To Get Approved

After you submit your feed, a Google bot will crawl your website and try to match the product data to your JSON-LD structured data and the product data on the page to confirm authenticity.

Hence, you need to ensure you have a proper JSON-LD format set for your structured data. (Read details.) You can do it manually or via using a plugin. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce allows you to do it with just a click.

Plus, you need to ensure there aren’t any mismatches on the main required product data. For example, the prices must match.

A Quick Look At Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is a unique plugin that allows you to generate WooCommerce product feed for Google Shopping, and other Google Merchant product promotion surfaces in just a few clicks.

PFM for selling electronics online via Google Shopping

The plugin ensures the product feed is generated in the right format with all the required attributes. Plus, you will have full control over what product data you want to include and what products you do not want to list on Google Shopping.

Plus, you will get pre-built feed templates for Google Shipping, Google Product Promotions, Local Inventory Feed, and Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads so that you can prepare them all in one place without wasting hours.

If you are selling electronics online using a WooCommerce store, then check out Product Feed Manager. It will save you hours in creating the product data file.

~ Get Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce now.

These are some of the ways your product listings will be optimized to get more views and click-throughs on Google product suggestions.

Next, it’s time to ensure, whoever clicks the Shopping Ads and lands on your website, you are able to convert. as many of them as possible.

How To Implement Conversion Tactics In Your WooCommerce Store For More Sales

So, you optimized your Google feed and started getting a lot of traffic on your website. Now, losing these prospects would mean wasting your acquisition cost.

To avoid this, you may try a few tactics to ensure a high conversion rate.

  1. Offer a discount for first-time buyers
    If the person is on your site for the first time, offer a quick 10-20% discount to ensure he/she makes the purchase immediately.
  1. Use target-based discounts to trigger higher AOV
    You may promote a target of maybe $500 or so to claim a quick discount on any orders. People will often find this attractive and stack multiple products to the order instead of just buying the one they initially came for.
  1. Highlight the CTA button & special offers on the product page
    The buyer clicked on your Shopping Ad, which means, he is willing to make a purchase if it’s the right product at the right price.
    Hence, you should do two things:
    • Highlight the “Buy Now” button either with a contrast color or a unique button border color.
    • Highlight the text that states any special offer you are running such as “20% off today” or “Buy 2 to get 10% off.”
  1. Use a distraction-free checkout page
    Try to keep the checkout page as simplified as possible.
    You could try using a multi-step checkout, express checkout, or one-page checkout to make it easy for the buyer to stay focused on the purchase.
  1. Initiate abandoned cart recovery campaigns
    Some of your buyers will add the product to the cart but for some reason, leave the site without completing the purchase.
    In this case, you can set up an abandoned cart recovery email campaign to send reminder emails to your abandoned customers to come back and complete the purchase.
  1. Make post-purchase offers for higher sales
    The moment a buyer completes a purchase, you can make special upsell offers that are either relevant or better than what they bought initially.
    For example, if someone orders a monitor worth $150, you could offer a $300 monitor to purchase instead at 10% off as upsell.
    ~ You may use WPFunnels to set up dynamic upsell offers based on the buyer’s initial purchase.
  1. Special coupon for second-time purchase
    Set an automated for first-time buyers so that whenever they complete their first order, an email is sent with a special coupon to get a discount on their next purchase. This will help to make the buyer return to your site to purchase electronics in the future.

The main idea of using these tactics is to try and increase conversion rates and average order value for every buyer.

Bonus: Smart Hacks To Overcome The Common Challenges When Selling Electronics Online

Being in the electronic industry, you already know about the demand fluctuation for certain products depending on trends, especially if you only deliver locally. But there is so much more to it than just a change in demand.

Following are some common challenges that you are probably facing as an online electronics shop.

  1. Intense Competition
    It is a highly competitive niche, with numerous sellers offering similar products.
    >>The challenge is to stand out to the right audience, which you can do by using the right keywords in your product title and description.
  1. The Price Wars
    Price is a crucial factor for electronic buyers. People are always on the hunt for the best prices offered or lucrative bundles to save some money.
    >>This is something that large suppliers take advantage of by making less profit while selling more. If you are able to do it, great. If not, you could plan limited-time discounts or seasonal discounts to attract momentary buyers.
  1. High Shipping Costs
    Often certain electronics have higher shipping costs which may be a concern for buyers with limited budgets.
    >>A great way to attract new buyers is to offer free shipping or at least a partial discount on the fee (maybe on a limited-time basis or on a target spend amount).
  1. Rapid Change In Technology & Trends
    As an online electronic shop, one risk you take is you never know when your current products will become out of trend. Nowadays, everything is getting newer versions within months from various brands.
    >>To tackle this, first, you need to keep an eye on social media (Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.) and Google trends to stay up-to-date with current market demand and upcoming changes in the industry. Plus, you have to try and sell off your stock as soon as possible.
  1. Complexity of Features and Specifications
    Certain electronics have several features or unique advanced features that may seem difficult to explain or convey through images.
    >>In this case, you must simplify your product description format. First, write a couple of paragraphs to describe one or two of the product’s most useful & popular features. And then add sections with bullet points for other features, specifications, and benefits. This will help grab the audience of the majority of your target audience. Plus, others will be able to find the extra details quite easily.
  1. Authenticity
    Often people are fooled by counterfeits which are generally offered at a lower price than the original.
    >>You have to give the assurance that what you are selling is original. Hence, you can mention the model number and the making date in the description if possible. Plus, offer to share GTIN or serial number via chat or email before placing orders. This will remove any suspicion and conflict with counterfeit products.
  1. Compliance & Certifications
    Buyers are often concerned about the necessary compliances if you sell high-value electronics.
    >>In this case, it is wise to emphasize on product compliance with industry regulations and certifications. In the product description, mention keywords like “CE certified” and “RoHS compliant” to reassure safety-conscious customers.
  1. Lack of & Setup Knowledge
    Some people are also worried about setting it up at home – “Will it cost extra?”, “How to set it up?”, “What to be cautious about during setup?”, “what extra equipment may be required?” etc.
    >>For such products, you could explain the facts in the description. For DIY products, the guide is usually included, which you could show in one of the product images.

If you can overcome these challenges, then your conversion rates will go up whether it’s organic, via Google Shopping or via Paid Ads.

Wrapping Up

You have to ensure you are not only focusing on your website, but also on your product data feed to sell electronics on Google Shopping effectively.

If done right, you will see a significant rise in your sales and conversions. Plus, if you also spend on Paid Ads on Facebook, you could easily become super profitable in no time.

But do note, an online electronics store will by no means become super popular over night. Even if you know all of these tactics, you still will need time to test them out and constantly improving your product data to see which one works best.

It could take from 3 months to over a year to start getting steady results from Google Shopping. So you must be patient and adamant in trying to achieve greater success. And once you start experiencing a rapid growth, you can then focus on well-planned promotional campaigns to further boost your sales.

~ Here’s a list of promotional strategies to help you increase sales in your online electronics store.

So go ahead and optimize your sales process and start getting more sales using Google Shopping.


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