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Facebook Setup Documentation

Facebook Setup

Go to Facebook Developer’s page using this address https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

1. Click on add a new app to create a new app.

2. Fillup the form.

3. Click Create App ID to proceed.

Create a new app

If you are not registered as “Developer” yet, you need to click blue button “Register.” If you are logged, then proceed to the step #4.

4. Go to app dashboard Settings page

5. Put all required information of your app like Domain, Sub-domain, etc.

Prepare The App

6. Click on Add Platform.

7. Select Website.

8. Put your WebSite URL information.

9. Go to App Review

10. Make the app online.

11. Go to Add Product’s

12. Click Facebook login setup

FB Login Setup

13. Click on setting’s page

14. Put the domain of your site as Valid OAuth redirect URL.

Add OAuth

15. After configuring the facebook app, put App ID and App Secret

16. Click “Authorize” to complete the authorization process.

Authorize Your account

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