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8 Innovative Discount Pricing Strategies to Maximize Sales in 2024

8 Innovative Discount Pricing Strategies to Maximize Sales in 2024

Discounts can drive insane sales in the short term with the right discount pricing strategy.

A study shows that you can sell 73% more if you make discount offers.

But if you don’t do it the correct way, You might feel difficulties in balancing profitability with customer satisfaction.

In this article, I’ve rounded up the reasons why you need discount pricing strategies with 8 effective discount pricing strategies.

Who can say no to a Discount?

Your Customers love to see promotional and discounted pricing.

And if they buy can buy good products in a discount from your shop -They are highly like to be your loyal customers.

Discounts can make your shoppers feel like:

  • The product is now much more affordable
  • They’re saving a nice chunk of money
  • They have extra cash left to buy more things

It can give your customers a sense of importance and accomplishment.

Meanwhile, you get happy buyers, more sales, and higher revenues. It’s a win-win!

But to do it correctly you need a proper “Discount Pricing Strategy

Discount Pricing Strategies are carefully planning discount depths, timing, and eligible discount rules.

If you don’t plan correctly, your business might face loss & difficulties.

The Harmful Effect of Mishandled Discount Pricing Strategies

Here is one of the promotional discount pricing examples that gone wrong-

The Russian Domino’s tattoo campaign. The campaign offered 100 free pizzas per year for 100 years to anyone who got the Domino’s logo tattooed.

Failed Example of Discount Pricing Strategy

While intended to attract new customers, they severely underestimated how far people would go for free food. Within hours, they were flooded with photos of new Domino’s tattoos and had to quickly impose restrictions due to severe revenue damage.

This shows how even successful attention-grabbing discounts can potentially backfire and destroy revenue. There are many more discount pricing examples that went wrong.

So, how you communicate through a discount pricing definition matters a lot. A methodically crafted discount offer can significantly outperform your average sale and tragic losses.

8 Innovative Discount Pricing Strategies to Double Your Sales

Let’s get into the 8 discount pricing strategies to keep away from loss and near profit.

1. Add time or quantity restrictions on discounts

While giving any discounts, if you add time or quantity discounts- you can keep your business risk-free.

Also, if you give a sale only for the weekend or only on select items, it creates a sense of scarcity and urgency.

Your customers feel that they need to act fast before the discount disappears. This is a highly effective discount pricing strategy.

Now you must be wondering- can I add a time limit or quantity easily without hassle?

Yes, It’s super easy with Dynamic Discount plugin which has a dedicated option for adding a timeframe or quantity.

2. Presentation of the Discount: Consider Carefully How You Present the Discount

No matter what kind of discount pricing strategy you choose, you need to be careful about how you present and frame those discounts.

It is highly essential to make them attractive to customers.

One smart tactic is to apply what’s known as the “Rule of 100

According to marketing professor Dr. Jonah Berger, for products under $100, it’s better to express the discount as a percentage rather than a dollar amount.

The reason? The percentage will be a higher number than the dollar figure, making the discount seem larger and more impressive to consumers.

For example, if a $68.99 is discounted, expressing it as 29% off looks much more triggering.

3. Clear outdated, or discontinued stock through complimentary offerings

This is a smart way to clear out excess inventory or stock from your store. You can offer various complimentary offers and clear out excess inventory or stock from your store through various complimentary offers, which can be an effective way to utilize discount pricing strategies for small business.

Dynamic Discount plugin lets you offer stock-based discounts in an easier way.

Adding percentage in Discount pricing

4. Give a Discount on Top of Another Discount for Enhanced Appeal

This strategy is about creating that perception of an unmissable discount.

Even when the total amount saved is the same, your customer will find a discount added on another discount offer more attractive than a discount offered as a single figure.

As you can see here, a special offer is displayed under a 50% off offer.

Discount over another discount- discount pricing strategies


Presenting your discounts with psychological framing in mind can significantly boost the attention-grabbing power of your store sites. This is a creative and effective one among all other discount pricing strategies examples.

5. Provide competitive pricing or collaborate with well-known brands

Make sure your prices are similar to or better than your competitors. You can also team up with popular, recognizable brands to make your products more appealing.

A major reason shoppers abandon carts or use coupons is that they find better subscription offers elsewhere, either from browsing online or word-of-mouth recommendations. If you can’t match the competition’s discounts, try running a limited-time promotional bundle with irresistible incentives like seasonal or exclusive products your customers really want.

For example, a SaaS company could package some of its top-performing online tools together at a discounted rate as a special promotional offer. This bundle becomes harder to resist.

Another powerful tactic is collaborating with a popular brand for these types of bundle promotions. Major telecom brands leverage this strategy successfully. T-Mobile offers free Netflix to eligible subscribers, while Sprint and AT&T sweeten their deals by including Hulu and HBO respectively.

6. Offer attractive discounts to new customers

Give special discounts or deals to people who are buying from you for the first time. This can encourage them to make that initial purchase.

Suppose, you give a special discount, like 25% off, only for their very first purchase.

  • This makes it cheaper and more tempting for your first-time users to try your products or services.
  • Once they become a customer, you hope they will like what you offer and come back to buy again, even without the discount.
  • It’s a way to attract new customers by making the first purchase appealing with a discount.

This pricing strategy for your business can help you acquire new customers and gain market share.

7. Transform abandoned cart instances into chances for new sales

When shoppers put items in their online cart but don’t complete the purchase, follow up with them. Offer a discount or incentive to convince them to come back and buy those products they were interested in.

Studies show that almost 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts before completing a purchase. That’s a huge missed opportunity for sales.

A smart tactic is to track and offer discounts on specific products that customers are leaving in their carts the most.

Then, for a very limited time window, offer tempting discounts on just those abandoned items. This discount pricing strategy will result in attracting new customers for your business.

8. Offer products that consumers can’t afford during the regular retail season

There are some luxury or expensive items that customers want but can’t justify buying at full price. During your sales or discount periods, make these premium products available at reduced rates that fit their budgets better.

As example,

Amazon’s Prime Day in July is basically a huge hyped-up sale event with really deep discounts on certain products.

In 2020, Prime Day was massive for Amazon and these third-party sellers. Amazon raked in around $7 billion from all the sales. The excitement and deal-driven mindset of Prime Day make huge sales.

So, you can see how well this strategy can work to level up businesses.

Keep Your Discount Prices Smart

Offering discounts is a great way to attract customers and boost sales, but it comes with risk too.

If you don’t plan it out carefully, you could end up losing money and devaluing your brand.

That’s why having a set of solid discount pricing strategies is so crucial.

At the same time, you need to protect your bottom line by setting restrictions and proper discount rules. To do that perfectly and without stress, You can simply rely on tools like Dynamic discounts.

It’s all about maintaining a perfect balance between keeping your customers happy and gaining profitability.

So, if you’re planning on running any discount campaigns, make sure you have a well-thought-out strategy & right tool in place.

Comment below & Let me know if you have any queries!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ1: What type of discount is most effective?

-The most effective type of discount can vary depending on your business goals, target audience, and the specific products or services you offer. However, research and industry experts suggest that percentage-based discounts tend to be more appealing and effective than dollar-amount discounts.

FAQ1: What type of discount is most effective?

-Some innovative discount pricing strategies for 2024 include adding time or quantity restrictions, carefully presenting discounts using tactics like the “Rule of 100,” offering complementary products or services, stacking discounts, collaborating with popular brands, targeting new customers, offering discounts on abandoned cart items, and discounting premium products during sales periods.

FAQ3: How can businesses avoid the potential pitfalls of mishandled discounts?

-To avoid the harmful effects of mishandled discounts, businesses should carefully plan discount depths, timing, and eligible discount rules. It’s essential to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and profitability while safeguarding the brand’s value and cost structure.

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