Nowadays responsive slider is one of the most important features you should have on your website. Sliders are famous, and people just can’t ignore them. Responsive slider gives the website a modern look and makes the site appealing. Homepage full-width sliders, featured sliders, carousel sliders, and much more are used at least once in new websites right now. You will find plenty of responsive slider plugins in the WordPress directory. As there is a high popularity of responsive slider, you can quickly get overwhelmed while choosing the right slider for your website.

Most of the responsive plugins aren’t easy to use, and you will get knotty using them. Also, many of them will turn your website pretty slow. So finding an unsullied responsive plugin is hard. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to make your life easier. That’s why we created the list of 5 Best Responsive Slider Plugin for WordPress in 2017.

Each of them is handpicked. And we can assure that you won’t regret using these five plugins. Hope you enjoy!



Soliloquy is by far the fastest responsive slider plugin available in the market. It’s simple to use. Drag and drop your pictures into a new slider and configure how you want them to look and feel (dimensions, transition speed, etc.). Currently, it has over 80,000+ active installs and a 4.5-star rating.

Though it’s easy to use and simple, Soliloquy is robust, secure and optimized for best performance. If you want to bring the game one step further, you can add custom CSS to control how your slider will look.

You can add unlimited responsive sliders using Soliloquy slider, and each of them will look stunning on every device. To add more, you can give title and alt text, caption, link, and more to each slide. Which makes the slider SEO friendly.

Major Features-

  • Custom CSS for more customized look and feel
  • Drag & Drop For Slides
  • Use pre-built templates to customize WordPress slider
  • Interactive product sliders for WooCommerce store
  • Feature Rich Add-ons
  • Dynamically create sliders on the fly from various sources
  • Turn any WordPress slider into a responsive carousel
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Create sliders from presentations and PDF

responsive slider plugin


We are talking about one of the best selling responsive slider plugins of the market. Layer Slider gives you the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) option. In Codecanyon, it has 64,494 Sales and 4.74-star rating based on 2,769 ratings.

The WYSIWYG feature will save you a lot of time because you will find a lot of slider plugins either aren’t easy to edit or the slider that appears on your site looks different in the WordPress interface.

Layer Slider has its User Interface. And, you will find many customization options which will turn right for you. However, creating your first slide isn’t spontaneous if you are a beginner and you can get overwhelmed with the options. But, there are helpful links to documentation that can help you get started.

The best part about the Layer Slider is the staggering number of customizations you can make. You can make any slider you need with this plugin. Additionally, you can add numerous sliders to each page.

Major Features-

  • Over 200 pre-defined slide transitions
  • Visual transition creator
  • SMART & INTUITIVE drag & drop visual editor with undo/redo group selection and more
  • Premium Slider templates released and updated regularly
  • Pull content dynamically from posts & pages
  • 5 display options
  • SEO friendly & localization ready
  • Nice documentation with clear language
  • Lifetime updates



Meteor Slides is the most straightforward plugin available in the market. If you don’t need any fancy option and popular slider plugin, go with Meteor Slider. In WordPress plugin respiratory it has a 4.7-star rating and over 60,000 active installs. The slider makes it simple to create slideshows and publish them with a shortcode, widget or template tag.

Meteor Slides comes with the most fundamental elements. You have to add each slide one by one and choose a slideshow for each slide as you add it, set dimensions, set the speed, and choose from 26 transition styles.

As you need to select or upload each slide individually, it’s time-consuming. And, if you are new to the business, you might get confused. This slider gives you the option to link your slider to another page. It’s powered by jQuery Cycle.

Major Features-

  • Add slideshow using a template tag, shortcode, or widget.
  • Scales to fit any device, and supports touch navigation for mobiles and tablets
  • Organize slides into multiple slideshows
  • Slideshow settings page gives customization option
  • Configure more jQuery Cycle options
  • Multilingual functionality



With more than 800,000 active installs, Meta Slider is the most popular responsive slider plugin in the official WordPress plugin directory. It has 4.8-star rating out of 5-star rating. This is a sign that Meta Slider is a top gladiator for the title of best WordPress responsive slider plugin. If you want to add a slider plugin with no disturbance, this the option you need.

Choose one of 4 different slideshow types- Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, Flex Slider, and Responsive Slides, and use their provided short-code or template to embed the slideshows. Each slideshow has its own set of effects.

It is quite simple to use, fast and easy. Upload your images, select the options you want and insert the resulting shortcode where you want your slider to display on your site. Also, you can set the slide captions, links and SEO fields all from one page.

Meta Slider has a Schedule Slides add-on. It gives you an easy way to hide individual slides from your slideshow without having to delete them. Regardless, the primary purpose of this plugin is to allow you set time that incorporates the visibility of each slide in your slideshows.

Major Features-

  • Give slideshows a gallery feel with Thumbnail Navigation
  • Create animated HTML Layer slides using the built-in drag & drop WYSIWYG editor
  • Intelligent image cropping
  • Post Feed slides to show latest blog posts, events or WooCommerce products automatically
  • Easily include responsive high definition YouTube & Vimeo videos
  • Create unlimited themes and preview them on-the-fly
  • Integrates with other plugins
  • Pro Customers gain access to a prioritized ticketing system
  • Fully localized
  • Loads of slideshow configuration options


SLIDER REVOLUTION – Responsive Slider Plugin

With over 205,330 sales Slider Revolution is CodeCanyon’s second best-selling WordPress plugin of all time – second only to Visual Composer. Which makes it the best selling responsive slider plugin on CodeCanyon. It has an average 4.79-star rating based on 7,352 votes. It’s one of the most successful WordPress slider ever produced.

Slider Revolution has an immense popularity among WordPress industry because it has an enormous range of features under its hood. It also includes a powerful visual editor and settings, so you have control over every detail of your sliders. That’s why it’s powering over 2,500,000 websites.

You can add an unlimited number of layers to each slide, allowing you to stack different types of media in one place. It includes images, videos, text, shortcodes, buttons, and HTML content. You can animate each slide separately; this will create some striking results.

Slider Revolution displays excellent on devices, be it desktops, tablets or smartphones. Now you can individually customize how layers will look on various devices. It is also SEO optimized, speed optimized (supporting lazy loading), and professionally audited to ensure that it’s entirely secure.

Major Features-

  • No Coding Knowledge necessary
  • Drag & Drop visual slider builder
  • Slicey Add-On Parallax
  • Slicey Add-On Blur
  • Hero, Carousel, and Classic Slider Features
  • Advanced and straightforward lazy loading for faster and SEO optimized slider start
  • Huge Number of possible transition
  • Set actions and links per Layers
  • Dynamic content sources

Hope You enjoyed the article. If we missed any of your favorite responsive slider plugin feel free to comment here.