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7 Best Online Marketplaces In USA To Sell Wine Online [2021]

7 Best Online Marketplaces In USA To Sell Wine Online [2021]

eCommerce today has become a real game-changer for many industries. Likewise, it had a massive impact on the alcoholic beverage market in the last couple of years.

Since the last pandemic lockdown, online wine sales have increased by up to 10%.

According to Rob McMillan, senior vice president of SVB, by 2030, online sales could grow to 20% of the average wine sales revenue.

If you have a website, then you too can start selling wine online and generate more revenue.

But a faster way to increase your sales is to promote your wines in popular online wine marketplaces, where you can take advantage of the huge regular potential buyers.

For example, if you sell on Vivino, you will have a chance to promote to over 50 million users!!

Now, there are several wine marketplaces online; however, in this article, I have listed the 7 most popular online wine marketplaces that have proven to generate more revenue for hundreds of wine shops out there.

After reading this article, you will be able to

  • Recognize the best online marketplaces to promote your wine
  • Understand the necessary licenses required to sell wine online legally
  • Choose the best wine marketplaces to sell your wine and generate more revenue.

So, let’s get started.

7 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Wine Online In USA

Online marketplaces are growing so fast that it is expected that by the year 2021, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach USD 4.9 trillion. Co-relating to that, by 2024, e-commerce for alcoholic beverages will be worth USD 45.5 billion. This number speaks for itself, and it is clear that selling wine online is a key to future success.

Studies say that 65% of the consumers are more likely to buy from an online marketplace than from a branded website.

So it’s high time you start promoting your wines on popular online wine marketplaces and increase your sales.

Let us look at the 7 best online wine marketplaces to sell wine online.

1. Wine-searcher

Wine-searcher to sell wine online

Wine-Searcher is one of the most popular wine comparison sites in the USA.

Every month, millions of users use this site to search for the best offers on their preferred wines. If you promote your wines here, potential buyers can get all the necessary information and hopefully, purchase from your shop.

In, 2020, Wine-searcher recorded to have over 64 million active users, and it’s growing fast this year.

Why Should You Sell Through

  • Huge monthly traffic

People love this site due to its huge collection and retailer link. Each day, on average, Wine-Searcher handles more than 30,000 searches, and this traffic definitely precedes its reputation.

As of now, Wine-Searcher has around 10.9 million wine, beer, and spirit listings from more than 20,000 active stores.

  • Brand awareness

Since it’s a price comparison site, people will recognize your brand if you issue the best offers, whether you are a retailer or supplier.

If you can plan your discount campaigns properly, this platform can boost your sales in no time.

Wine-Searcher Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

Wine-searcher stats
  • Currently, the site has over 70M+ users
  • On average, this site has around 900 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use Wine-searcher includes USA, UK, France, Canada, and Germany.

  • Over 44.94% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.

Looking at these stats, it’s clear that Wine-searcher is extremely popular among consumers, and you will surely benefit from listing your wines here.

To list your products on Wine-searcher, simply sign up and fill out this form. Once registered and approved, you can start listing your products to the price comparison list.

If you already have a website where you sell wine online, you can use a tool to generate product feed and upload it to Wine-searcher to bulk upload the products for listing.

For example, suppose you have a WooCommerce store. In that case, you can use a plugin called Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce to generate product feed in the right format in minutes and then upload it to Wine-searcher without wasting any time.

2. Drizly


Drizly is one of the most popular online liquor marketplaces.

With a well over 700k monthly traffic, this marketplace has helped several small wine shops boom without too much effort.

Why Should You Sell Through

  • On-demand delivery and ground shipping delivery

Drizly is a liquor delivery marketplace that offers on-demand alcohol delivery service and ground shipping to more than 100+ markets. This opens up the chance to attract a wide variety of buyers.

Most consumers prefer Drizly for its own curated delivery system, which is also a good attraction for sellers.

  • iOS & Android apps

One major reason why Drizly gets such high regular traffic is the Drizly iOS and Android apps, which are well-designed and always keep the users excited about new offers.

Drizly Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

Drizly stats
  • Currently, the site has over 100M+ users
  • On average, this site has around 735 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use Drizly include USA, Canada, India, UK, and Australia.

  • Over 90.4% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.

Looking at the stats, you should take advantage of this huge traffic and their popular mobile app to reach more buyers.

To list your products on Drizly as a retailer, then Sign up here.

If you are a brewery, distillery, or winery, then you need to sign up here to list products on Drizly.

3. Vivino

Vivino - Sell Wine Online

Vivino is a versatile online marketplace that supposedly has the world’s largest selection of wine along with pricing comparison, ratings & rankings, flavor profiles, and many more.

This wine marketplace is considered the largest because it operates internationally and has users scattered all over the world!!

It’s a platform that is preferred most by multinational wine brands due to its vast reach all over Europe, North America, and of course, USA.

Why Should You Sell Through Vivino

  • Vivino community

One of the best benefits that Vivino offers you is its social community. It has a vast community with millions of users who use Vivino to discover and buy wine.

You can even connect with your friends in this Vivino community and get to know other wine enthusiasts to learn more about the winery & beverage industry.

  • Vivino’s wine rating

Vivino offers you a wine review point system so that buyers can leave their review after every purchase.

As per the rating system, if your product has a rating of 4.0 and above, the buyers assume them to be better than 85% of all other wines there. And for products with ratings greater than 4.5, buyers assume that they are 99% better than other Vivino wines.

So after every order is delivered, Vivino prompts the buyers to drop a rating. This rating system is especially beneficial because a large portion of Vivino users only purchases wines with high ratings.

**Vivino does have new sellers in mind, so it also runs promotions to highlight new products to its buyers from time to time so that new sellers get a chance to acquire ratings.

  • Recommendation Service

The Vivino app launched a new recommendations service, Vivino Market, which gives similar recommendations based on previous searches and purchases.

Vivino Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

Vivino stats
  • Currently, the site has over 50M+ active users.
  • On average, this site has around 1.01 million+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use Vivino include USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

  • Over 24.65% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.
  • The rest of the traffic is generated from several countries all over Europe and North America. For example, UK generates 6.85%, and France generates 7.11% of the traffic, and so on.

If you have international stores or have a license to export alcoholic beverages, then Vivino is the perfect platform to reach millions of buyers worldwide.

And in USA, it is still the 3rd most popular online wine marketplace. So whether you sell locally or internationally, Vivino is a marketplace that can surely help you increase sales drastically.

List your products on Vivino by signing up as a merchant.

To upload products on Vivino in bulk, you need to create an XML in the right format with all the product data. Now, it’s time-consuming to create it manually and quite difficult to find a tool to generate a product feed suitable for Vivino.

However, if you have a WooCommerce website where you sell wine, you can easily generate a bulk product feed using the plugin Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce.

The plugin has the right template pre-built, and you can generate product feed in minutes. You can then submit the feed link to Vivino to bulk upload and list all your products in the marketplace, ready to be purchased.

So go ahead and start selling through Vivino.

4. Wine is a very reliable wine retailer and marketplace to sell wine online in the USA.

With its multiple fulfillment centers and the most sophisticated alcohol retail distribution network in the United States, this site is preferred by many wine shops to promote their wines online.

Why Should You Sell Through

  • Simplicity and User-Friendly Interface for buyers is popular among buyers who want a user-friendly site to make a purchase quickly, without any complication. A consumer can search products by price, type, style, and region easily. This simplicity tends to intrigue consumers to browse through the shop for a longer time, which increases the chances of a buyer making a purchase.

  • Focused on Mobile Users developed an app specifically for iPad, which lets buyers browse through available liquors easily. The app allows to promote the best offers available locally, based on the buyer’s location.

This app is the main reason why generates a large number of orders on a regular basis. Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021) stats
  • On average, this site has around 406 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use include USA, Canada, UK, Korean Republic, and Brazil.

  • Over 87.3% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.

Since its app can recommend the best local deals to a buyer based on his location, is ideal for local wine shops to reach more potential buyers.

To list your products on, you will need one of their appraisals and then sign up.

In order to get a free appraisal, you will have to send an email to the authority with the proper information regarding your inventory and location. However, to qualify for this appraisal, your liquor bottles should be worth at least $75 or more and have a combined inventory value of at least $15,000.

5. NakedWines


Unlike most other wine marketplaces, Nakedwines follows a different strategy to provide its users affordable beverages. NakedWines collaborates with small winemakers, who usually sell locally, and takes care of their sales & marketing.

They are determined to connect buyers to small wineries, where the purchases and transactions can take place within an affordable range. NakedWines claim that this process saves buyers up to 60 % on wine while helping local wine shops grow.

Even if they deal with small wineries, they still make sure the quality is maintained. As a result, buyers are very comfortable purchasing from this platform.

Why Should You Sell Through

  • A business model that focuses on helping small winemakers

As we discussed earlier, NakedWines are dedicated to helping small wine shops grow. They offer to handle the whole marketing process and guide the winemakers to run an organized business that will benefit the marketing, which will help get more sales.

  • Voucher and discount

NakedWines is always giving away lots of vouchers and discounts, which attracts the attention of buyers.

They have this special membership plan called the NakedWines Angel members, who usually get up to 60% discount on several wines on the site. There also have been small events where $100 vouchers were given out based on a 30-second quiz.

More such activities are conducted regularly to keep buyers engaged at all times.

NakedWines Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

NakedWines stats
  • Currently, the site has over 500k+ users
  • On average, this site has around 316 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use NakedWines include USA, UK, Chile, Canada, and Ireland.

  • Over 69.7% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.
  • Around 26.13% of its traffic is generated from UK.

NakedWines is very popular among local wine sellers in the USA and has also served many wine shops in the UK.

If you are a startup or are still growing and have less idea about online marketing tactics, then NakedWines could be a good option for you.

To work with NakedWines you can get in touch with them here.

6. LastBottleWines


LastBottleWines is a marketplace that helps local or high-quality wine sellers by featuring their best wines to buyers.

It is among the few wine marketplaces that actually taste the wine before featuring it on their website. This allows them to promise top-quality wines to buyers who are happy to purchase without question.

A great platform for good local wineries to grow their business.

Why Should You Sell Through LastBottleWines

  • Flash sale

Lastbottlewines flash sale format is a standalone feature of this site. Their daily offering model made this site an excellent selling platform. The ‘flash sale’ is basically a bunch of products that are sold at extra discounts; the products on sale will vary every day. This easily attracts buyers.

  • Relationship with the retailers

Lastbottlewines is popular for keeping a good relationship with the retailers. Most retailers claimed them to keep long-term relationships while maintaining good professional aspect towards generating more business.

LastBottleWines Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

Lastbottlewines stats
  • On average, this site has around 78.6 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use LastBottleWines include USA, UK, Brazil, Turkey, and China.

  • Over 97.43% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.

As per stats, LastBottleWines mainly deals with retailers in the USA and markets its listings to US residents only.

If you are confident about your wine quality, then you should definitely contact LastBottleWines and get your wines featured on their site.

To sell via LastBottleWines, you may go ahead and fill out this form.

7. Drinks&Co


Drinks&Co is a multinational wine marketplace that has dedicated sites in many different countries to sell wine locally.

They have a dedicated site for UK, where they are considered among the top 3 online wine marketplaces. Their US marketplace site not bad either.

Over time, Drinks&Co is gaining popularity with its app and product listings. We expect it to grow into one of the top five wine marketplaces in the USA in just a few years.

Why Should You Sell Through Drinks&Co  

  • The Drinks&Co Mobile app

The Drinks&Co app is one of its best attractions because it features products in a unique gallery format that easily grabs the attention of buyers.

Similar to other marketplaces, the Drinks&Co app also generates more than half of its buyers.

  • Single delivery for multiple orders

In Drinks&Co, you can buy multiple products from multiple shops or merchants and still receive the products in a single delivery.

In most marketplaces, a.person can order from two vendors, but the products will be delivered separately at different dates and times. Drinks&Co collects such ordered products by themselves and sends out a single delivery to the buyer.

This is a feature that most buyers praise Drinks&Co about.

Drinks&Co Traffic Statistics (Dec 2020 to Mar 2021)

Drinks&Co stats
  • On average, this site has around 40.6 thousand+ visits per month for the past 6 months.

The top 5 locations where people use LastBottleWines include Spain, USA, Poland, France, and UK.

  • Over 18.10% of its traffic is generated from users in the USA.
  • However, it gets 24.18% of its traffic from Spain.

So, whether you are in Europe or USA, Drinks&Co can be an excellent marketplace for you.

To start selling on Drinks&Co, go to this link, select your criteria, and based on your criteria, you will get instructions on listing your products.

That’s it. These are the 7 best online wine marketplaces to sell wine online in USA.

Now, to sell alcoholic beverages through an eCommerce site, many legal rules apply, and you may require a specific license depending on your location.

Let us look at some details on these licenses.

Required Licenses to Sell Wine Online

The following documents and licenses may be required to sell alcoholic beverages through online marketplaces:

  • Alcohol Dealer Registration
    The Alcohol Dealer Registration form is used to record your business and tax information, dealer class, and subclass. It must be filed and approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).
  • Winery license from your state
    You may need to acquire a winery license depending on your state’s laws.
  • A Retailer’s license to sell liquor online
    You will need an online liquor selling license along with your local permission as a retailer.
  • Shipper’s license based on where you deliver
    This license is needed for each state in which you plan on delivering your products.
  • Direct shipping agreements
    A shipping agreement is required with each of your carriers.

**Apart from these, you may require to apply for more legal permissions depending on the state you operate from.

Can You Sell Wine On Facebook Marketplace? 

No, you are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages through Facebook.

According to Facebook Commerce Policies, Facebook won’t promote the sale of alcohol.

So, although Facebook is an excellent platform for increasing your business traction online, it is illegal to sell wine or alcohol directly to a consumer (DTC/D2C) via Facebook or any of its associated platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Can You Sell Wine On eBay? 

Yes, you can sell wines directly on eBay, but you will need to acquire an eBay-approved wine seller’s permission to do so.

Can You Sell Wine On Amazon?

Amazon will allow you to sell wine on the Amazon Marketplace only if you are a manufacturer.

**eBay and Amazon are the largest marketplaces in the world, but they are not specialized in any specific category. And as you saw, the largest social marketplace of Facebook doesn’t allow promoting of Alcoholic beverages. That is why it’s best to promote your wines via one of the seven wine marketplaces that I listed here.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a local manufacturer, or a large brand, selling your wines on one of these 7 wine marketplaces with surely help boost your sales.

Since they are specialized in wine and alcoholic beverages only, every audience you get there will be a potential buyer.

In order to list your wines in bulk on one of these sites, you need to submit a product feed file to the desired marketplace in the right format. Each of them has its own required format, which is difficult to create on your own.

If you own a WooCommerce wine shop, then you can easily generate product feed for these marketplaces in the right format in just a few clicks. All you need is to use a plugin called Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce, and you can generate product feed for most of these marketplaces without any effort.

So go ahead, and list your wines on these popular marketplaces and start seeing your revenue go up.

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