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Leave A 5-star Rating For Your Favourite RexTheme Plugins

If you are using one of our plugins, then we would really appreciate it if you could take two minutes of your time and give us a rating.

We are constantly working hard to improve our plugins and provide you with the best service & support possible.

Every 5-start rating we get on our plugins will help us grow and motivate us to do better.

Ik hoop dat je het begrijpt.

Leave A 5-star Rating For Your Favourite RexTheme Plugin

Right now we have 3 major plugins which you are possibly using:

  • WPVR – Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress
  • Product Feed Manager voor WooCommerce
  • Cart Lift For Abandoned Cart Recovery

We are glad our plugin is helpful to you, and we request you to help us out with a 5-start rating.

How To Leave a 5-Star Rating For Your RexTheme Plugin

Whichever RexTheme plugin you found useful here’s how easily you can leave a 5-star rating.

And, it takes less than 2 mins!!

All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to the plugin’s rating link.
  2. Drop an small appreciative quote as the title.
  3. If possible leaving a single sentence explaining how it was helpful to you.

Just like this:

5-star rating on RexTheme plugins

Then simply click on Submit and that’s it. Your rating has been placed.

In fact, let me make it easier for you. If you do not have time, simply copy the quotes below and use them:

Great Plugin!
This is a very helpful plugin. It does exactly what it says and helped me a lot with my business.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and for helping us out with your valuable 5-star rating.