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Guide To Kelkoo Product Feed To Increase WooCommerce Sales [2024]

Guide To Kelkoo Product Feed To Increase WooCommerce Sales [2024]

Increasing sales in WooCommerce depends a lot on how and where you market your products. Most people promote their products through large marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon, and eBay.

However, did you know that there are many more marketplaces that can increase your sales?

In fact, there are certain sites that can get you more local prospects than the popular market places mentioned above.

One such site is Kelkoo.

Why Promote on Kelkoo?

Kelkoo is one of the most successful marketplaces, that operates in over 20 countries.

It is rather a price comparison site that displays the best and affordable deals on products; prospects can compare multiple products to choose the ones that suit them.

Crunchbase Kelkoo survey
Here’s a report from Crunchbase on Kelkoo

The major reasons why it is so popular and successful are:

  • KelkooUK alone gets over 13,000+ daily traffic, whereas in France the traffic goes over 17,000+ daily. Similarly, all other locations generate high traffic. 
  • Offers market promotion to over 20+ countries which include more than 10 European countries
  • KelkooAds are also promoted through Google Shopping Ads thus generating more traffic
  • Has its own mobile app that is optimized for advertisement
  • Has native language site for each country it operates on and supports multilingual product submission
  • You will be able to promote almost any products through this marketplace such as music, magazine subscription, car entertainment, new and used cars, electronics, handbags, shoes, jewelry and many more.
  • It operates through the Kelkoo Group Network which allows you to promote the same products in more sites such as LeGuide, Pricesavvy, Prisvis and many more, from one place.

A case study from ThinkWithGoogle suggests that due to its advertising in Shopping Ads through the Google Comparison Shopping program, most store owners start to see extra traffic very soon.

A top 30 retailer, in the baby and nursery category, saw conversion rate jump by 42% and cost per sale decrease by 9% in a very little time, thanks to Google Comparison Shopping program through Kelkoo.

All these details already show how dependable this marketplace is. It also has a simple, effective mobile app. Here’s a preview of the app.


Countries Kelkoo Operates On

Currently, the site operates in around 26 different countries, mostly with respective suffixed websites.

How to promote on Kelkoo?


You need to Register on Kelkoo Group Network to be able to submit your products.

Here’s the link to Register: https://merchant.kelkoogroup.com/app/login

Once you are registered, you will be able to upload products.

These products will be automatically listed on your country-specific Kelkoo site. For example, if you are from the USA, then your products will be listed on kelkoo.us.com.

They will handle the marketing aspects through their Shopping Ads, and Publishers’ channels. You simply need to make sure that the data you provided, when uploading products, are accurate.

Now let us look at the data you need to provide your products.

Product Data Specifications

When you upload your products, Kelkoo will look for some specific data.

Let us look into what data you must include on your feed and I will give you examples for each data so that you know the most optimized way to generate the Kelkoo product feed.

A proper Kelkoo product feed (in XML format) of a single product usually looks like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
            Product data attributes

**Here the product tag ( <product> </product> ) encapsulates the data of a product. For multiple products, you simply add more product tags and the product data within, and the rest remains the same.

Nun enthalten die Produktdaten eine Menge Informationen, die Sie den jeweiligen Attribut-Tags innerhalb des Artikel-Tags zuordnen müssen.

The following are the necessary product attributes that you need to submit on Kelkoo for all products.

Necessary Product Attributes

Let’s look into the details to understand how you should include proper data, the format on the feed file, and examples of data.

Attribut Titel
Beispiel Pullover Hoodie
Feed-Daten <title>
    <![CDATA[Pullover Hoodie]]>

This is the name of the product to be displayed. It is limited to 80 characters.

Attribut product-url
Beispiel https://www.yourwebsite.com/pullover-hoodie/
Feed-Daten <product-url>

This is the URL of a particular product page. Make sure the URL starts with either “http://” or “https://”. Any other format will be rejected.

Price Of Product
Attribut Preis
Beispiel https://www.yourwebsite.com/products/
Feed-Daten <price>99.00</price>

The price of the product should be submitted without any currency symbols or suffixes. Also, the price should not include any voucher discount.

Attribut currency
Beispiel EUR
Feed-Daten <currency>

The currency should be submitted as a suffix, not as a symbol.

However, this is an optional attribute. Even if you don’t submit this attribute, Kelkoo will assign a currency based on the operating country you specify.

Attribut Marke
Beispiel Brand1
Feed-Daten <brand>

Here, you can either provide the brand of the product or use your Store name as a manufacturer.

Attribut Beschreibung
Beispiel This Pullover hoodies has a stylish look.
Feed-Daten <description>
    <![CDATA[This Pullover hoodies has a stylish look.]]>

Here, describe the product in your own way within 300 characters.

Attribut image-url
Beispiel https://www.yourwebsite.com/phoodie1.png
Feed-Daten <image-url>

Here, provide the link to your Product’s image that doesn’t have any watermark or logo of trade.

It is best to use images on a white background in jpg, png or gif.

The recommended minimum size of the image is 300 × 300. And an image should not exceed 6 600 000 pixels. For example, 1024 × 768 = 786 432 pixel is accepted, but 1518 × 5908 = 8 968 344 pixel is not accepted.

Product Identifier (EAN)
Attribut ean
Beispiel 4856349257328
Feed-Daten <ean>4856349257328</ean>

It is important that you submit the product EAN (for European countries), which is a unique product identification set when products are created. For countries outside of Europe, you may provide the respective identifiers.

Hier sind alle akzeptierten Formen von Produktidentifikatoren aufgeführt:

  • UPC-E (6 digits)
  • EAN-8/UCC-8/GTIN-8 (8 digits)
  • UPC-A/GTIN-12 (12 digits)
  • EAN-13/UCC-13/GTIN-13 (13 digits)
  • ISBN-13 (13 digits for books)
  • EAN-14/UCC-14/GTIN-14 (14 digits)

In case you do not have this data, then you have to contact your Kelkoo account manager and follow the instructions provided.

Attribut Verfügbarkeit
Beispiel 1
Feed-Daten <availability>1</availability>

Kelkoo has numeric values to represent the availability of a product.

  • 1 = In Stock
  • 4 = Preorder
  • 5 = Available on Order

So based on the availability, submit the value accordingly.

Delivery Cost
Attribut delivery-cost
Beispiel 50.00
Feed-Daten <delivery-cost>50.00</delivery-cost>

Kelkoo expects you to have a fixed delivery cost for home deliveries in a country. So you should specify the exact amount you will charge for home deliveries.

Delivery Time
Attribut delivery-time
Beispiel 1-5 days
Feed-Daten <delivery-time>
    <![CDATA[1 – 5 days]]>

You may specify an estimated time to denote how long you might take to deliver a product.

Here are the accepted formats:

  • x – y days — Example: 1 – 5 days
  • x days — Example: 5 days
  • x – y hours — Example: 24 – 48 hours
  • y hours — Example: 24 hours
  • x – y weeks — Example: 2 – 3 weeks
  • y weeks — Example: 3 weeks
MPN (Hersteller-Teilenummer)
Attribut mpn
Beispiel PH0011
Feed-Daten <mpn>

Here you need to provide the product MPN code. In case you do not have an MPN, you may use the SKU as the value.

Merchant Category
Attribut merchant-category
Beispiel Clothing – Men – Hoodies
Feed-Daten <merchant-category>
    <![CDATA[Clothing - Men - Hoodies]]>

It is highly recommended to provide the category this product falls under. If there are sub-categories, then you need to use ‘-‘ as separators.

Try to specify sub-categories for better promotion results rather than putting a product in a generic category such as Clothing.

Attribut Bedingung
Beispiel 0
Feed-Daten <condition>0</condition>

Use this attribute to signify if your product is brand new or refurbished or in any other specific condition.

Kelkoo has numeric values to represent the condition of a product. Here are the accepted conditions.

  • 0 = new (default value)
  • 1 = used
  • 2 = refurbished
  • 3 = open box
  • 4 = returned
  • 5 = damaged
  • 6 = overstock
  • 7 = liquidation
  • 8 = unknown
  • 9 = download (pure-bits products)
  • 10 = professional offers

So based on the condition, submit the value accordingly.

Product Color
Attribut Farbe
Beispiel Red
Feed-Daten <color>

Specify the color of the product for better traction, though it is not mandatory.

If the product is available in several colors, you can specify multiple colors, or use the delimiter “;” to separate each value.

Environmental Tax
Attribut ecotax
Beispiel 10.00
Feed-Daten <ecotax>10.00</ecotax>

You can submit the tax amount on the product due to environmental tax.

Although this field is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

If the tax amount is added to the price or if the tax doesn’t apply, then you may assign the value as “0”.

These are all the mandatory attributes that you must submit for products.

However, there are more recommended attributes that you may include based on the product type. Let us look at some of them:

Product-based Recommended Attributes

Here, let me discuss a few attributes that you may include based on your niches.

“Fashion and accessories” Product Attributes

For products under this category, it is recommended that you include the following attributes for better results:

Fashion Type
Attribut fashion-type
Beispiel Shoes
Feed-Daten <fashion-type>

Specifying the fashion type will make it easier to promote to the right audience.

Attribut fashion-gender
Beispiel Man
Feed-Daten <fashion-gender>

It is seen that most people search for clothing or fashion products online, usually searching with their gender in the search term. For example, a woman looking to buy t-shirts may input the phrase “t-shirt for women”.

So it is better to submit a designated gender for Kelkoo to present the right product.

You may use the following terms to assign gender:

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Children
  • Male
  • Female
  • Unisex
Größe des Produkts
Attribut fashion-size
Beispiel 36
Feed-Daten <fashion-size>

When selling clothes, size really matters. You may assign the size in EU format such as 34 or 35 or so on, or you may assign international size formats such as M, L or XL, etc.

**You may include a size card among the product images to explain the size of the product. To add multiple images, you may include the attributes image-URL-2, image-URL-3, and so on.

“Software and video games” Product Attributes

Software and video games are pretty straightforward forward but it is wise to add one extra attribute for better search volume relevance.

Compatible Platform
Attribut software-platform
Beispiel PlayStation 4
Feed-Daten <software-platform>
    <![CDATA[PlayStation 4]]>

Here you can mention the platform or console this product is compatible with or usable on.

People who use consoles usually search for a particular software or game along with the console name in the search term. For example, “Fifa 2019 Xbox”.

“Real estate” Product Attributes

Kelkoo also allows you to submit properties for promotion. More details you provide, the better the chance to attract buyers.

So we recommended that you also include the following attributes for a higher chance of success.

  • Property Type
  • Garage/Parking Space
  • City (Location)
  • Zip Code
  • Number Of Rooms
  • Surface Area
Property Type
Attribut property-type
Beispiel Renting
Feed-Daten <property-type>

Here you will mention the purpose of this property listing, i.e. if the property is for rent, up for buying, etc.

The following are the accepted values:

  • Buy
  • Renting
  • Flatsharing
  • Life Annuity
  • Rental investment
Garage/Parking Space
Attribut propery-garage-parking
Beispiel With garage and parking
Feed-Daten <propery-garage-parking>
    <![CDATA[With garage and parking]]>

A garage or parking space is always a plus point for a property. Hence, this attribute can help to inform prospects if a garage or parking space is available for a property.

Here are the accepted values:

  • Garage
  • With garage and parking
  • With parking
  • Without a garage and parking
City (Location)
Attribut property-city
Beispiel Manchester
Feed-Daten <property-city>

The geolocation function of search engines will automatically display the properties to people in the area you operate in. You may mention the city where the property is located to narrow down potential prospects.

Zip Code
Attribut property-zip-code
Beispiel M1 1WR
Feed-Daten <property-zip-code>
    <![CDATA[M1 1WR]]>

Mentioning the zip code will allow a prospect to research the neighbourhood.

Number Of Rooms
Attribut property-number-rooms
Beispiel 3
Feed-Daten <property-number-rooms>3</property-number-rooms>

Here, mention the number of bedrooms available in the property. If you are renting, then mention the number of bedrooms up for rent.

Surface Area
Attribut property-surface
Beispiel 200 ⨉ 300
Feed-Daten <property-surface>200 ⨉ 300></property-surface>

Mention the surface area of the property.

“Wine and Champagne” Product Attributes

When selling liquor, we suggest you add two more attributes:

Country Of Production
Attribut wine-country
Beispiel Irland
Feed-Daten <wine-country>

Let prospects know where this wine or champagne was created. Most people prefer foreign brands when it comes to drinking.

Attribut wine-year
Beispiel 1980
Feed-Daten <wine-year>1980;</wine-year>

The older the wine the better it tastes. And hence, the date of the liquor matters. You may provide the year through this attribute.

Attribut wine-capacity
Beispiel 700ml
Feed-Daten <wine-capacity>

Provide the capacity of the liquor you are selling.

**There are more available attributes for different types of products. Here’s a complete product feed list for Kelkoo.

If you run a WooCommerce store, then it’s really easy to generate your desired product feed. Simply use the plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce and generate the product feed in just a few clicks.

Here’s a video to show you how it works.


Once you have the product feed ready, now it’s time to upload it to the marketplace.

Uploading products

To upload products, you need to first rename the product feed as:

kelkoo_<countryprefix>.xml or kelkoo_<countryprefix>.txt

Next, you can initiate file transfer in 3 ways:

  • HTTP transfer mode
  • FTP transfer mode
  • FTP upload using Internet Explorer

Here’s a detailed guide for this.

Or you may upload through Kelkoo directly. Here’s the guide.

Once the file is uploaded, you have to wait until the data is updated by Kelkoo.

There are specific times when the data is updated.
Here are the timings as per the country when the data is updated.

And that’s it. You are now ready to get more sales through Kelkoo.

Final Thought

It is always wise to use more options when promoting your online products if you want maximum sales. And Kelkoo is one of the most reliable online marketplaces out there to increase online sales.

There are many more marketplaces you can look into. Here’s a list:

Remember, it is important that you do not sound overly promotional with any of your products. Rather be honest and detailed and it will automatically attract the right audience.

Try Product Feed Manager For Free!

Generate accurate product feeds for Google shopping, Facebook feed, TikTok Ads & popular US and European marketplaces easily!

Guide To Kelkoo Product Feed To Increase WooCommerce Sales [2024] 1

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