All the features you need to generate a feed successfully!

  • Auto-sync & schedule your feed with Google Merchant Center
  • Filter by categories, tags, or apply custom filters
  • Custom fields support (GTIN, MPN, EAN, etc)
  • Access to Feed Rule, Combined Attribute features
  • Generate feed in multiple languages using WPML

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Export your product feed in just 3 clicks with the easiest plugin interface


Experience the fastest feed generator plugin

With our pre-defined merchant templates, you will need only 3 clicks to generate a flawless product feed for 170+ popular merchants in seconds.


Sync your WooCommerce Store with Google Merchant Center

Use the Product Feed Manager auto-sync feature to connect your WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Center through Content API integration. You do not need to download and upload the feed for Google Shopping Center manually.

product feed manager schedule feed feature

Schedule your feed to update automatically - no need for manual update

Für jede Änderung, die Sie an Ihren Produktdaten vornehmen, können Sie einen Zeitplan festlegen, nach dem Ihr Produkt-Feed automatisch aktualisiert wird. Sie müssen den Produkt-Feed nicht jedes Mal manuell aktualisieren, wenn Sie Änderungen an Ihren Produkten vornehmen.


Use Custom Fields (GTIN, MPN, Brand, etc) to get all the required values

WooCommerce does not provide unique product identifier fields such as Brand, GTIN, MPN, age-group etc. But with the Product Feed Manager, you can use 12 mandatory custom fields to help you create accurate product feeds.

Feed Rule Feature

Use the Feed Rule feature to rule your feed

Manipulieren Sie die Werte Ihrer Produktattribute, um Ihren perfekten WooCommerce-Produkt-Feed zu erstellen. Ersetzen Sie jeden Attributwert durch statischen Text oder durch einen anderen Attributwert - je nach den von Ihnen gewünschten Bedingungen.


Extensive Filter Options to export the right feed

You can use the smooth filter options to filter your feeds exactly the way you need them. You can filter by categories, tags, or apply custom filters using other attributes.


Customize your product title with the Combined Attribute feature

Use the Combined Attributes feature to easily customize your product attributes with your WooCommerce data. You can merge as many as attribute values along with any separators.


Product filter feature to Include/ Exclude chosen products

With the Product Filter feature, you can include/ exclude any products from your feed. It could be any simple or variation products that you can easily filter with this plugin.


Manipulate your product price with the Dynamic Pricing feature

Use the Dynamic Pricing feature to add, subtract, multiply, or divide any amount with your current Regular Price, Sale Price, etc prices. Use it for complicated math too, for example: [{{price}} * 6 – 10%]


Generate your feed in multiple languages using WPML

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is completely compatible with WPML. You can choose to save products in different languages and then generate feed for each language using this plugin.


Map your WooCommerce categories with Google Product Categories

You can use our advanced category mapping feature to map your store categories according to Google’s. You can use this feature to map categories for other sites as well (i.e., it is not limited to Google).


Track your feed performance with Facebook pixel

Add your Facebook Pixel code to your store and track the performance of every product you upload on the Facebook shop using this Product Feed Manager plugin.

Erhalten Sie alle Funktionen, die Sie zur Steigerung Ihrer Ergebnisse benötigen

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    XML-, CSV- oder Text-Format

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    Vergriffene Produkte ausschließen

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    Automatisches Update planen

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    Combined Attributes Feature

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    Include/Exclude Parent Products

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    Include/Exclude Hidden Products

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    Show Only Variable Parent Products

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    Automatische Synchronisierung mit Google

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    Exclude Products With No Price

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    Erweiterter benutzerdefinierter Filter

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    Dynamic Pricing Feature

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    Include/Exclude Grouped Products

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    Produkte mit Facebook-Pixel verfolgen

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    Custom Fields (GTIN, Brand, etc)

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    Include Shipping Values

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    Product Rule Feature

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    Kategorie- und Tag-Filter

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    Add UTM Codes to Feed URL

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    Benutzerdefinierte Batch-Konfiguration

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    WCML Support

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    Update Feed Only When Products Changed

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    Generate Feed With Top Sold Products

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    Include Tax & Shipping Information


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