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Sonja Haschkamp asked 1 year ago

Hello, we watched your video, follwed all the instructions, but it´s not possible to save the new datas. What should we do? Since the beginning we have problems with your plugin. We paid it, can not use it and we get no help! Regards Sonja  

3 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi can you specify what issues you are facing?
Is it that the update doesn’t work?  Or are you not able to generate the feed?
If it is too confusing, if you want, we can set up the feed for you as well if you provide us with temporary access.
In that case, you may email us with the temporary access while stating the issue, and our developer will look into it and provide a fast solution.
**Also, it is not possible that you didn’t receive our help if you reached us earlier. We are more popular for our quality support, over the plugin itself. What you can do is, since you are a Pro user, you can either catch us on live chat during our working hours (12:00AM to 5AM US EST) or send us email to for faster support. Thanks.

Sonja Haschkamp answered 1 year ago

thank you for your answer. We would prefer, if you sole the problem via temporary access.
How we do this?

C S Sultan Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, for this you can email use the access to and we will handle this promptly and give you a solution via email.