WPML Multilingual Feed doesn´t work.

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WPML Multilingual Feed doesn´t work. 1Florian asked 8 months ago

I´m using WPML with Woocommerce for EN and DE language.
I tried to create a feed in German and was able to choose the language. Even when chose German the products in the feed where the english products.
In the category mapping I only see the english products.
Whats the soluton for that – please help.
Thanks in advance,

1 Answers
WPML Multilingual Feed doesn´t work. 2C S Sultan Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi, did you create the German version of your product’s data with WPML first? WPML does not translate automatically. It just allows you to make a language alternative description for a certain product. The description has to be provided by you.

Do let us know. Thanks.