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martha asked 1 year ago

Hi.  I found your plugin and love it.  I’m testing with a new site in build.  I’ve config’d to sync to an S3 bucket.  Normally with a new site, I config S3 bucket as a cloudfront distribution and point the caching plugin to connect for that CDN.  So I’m just a bit confused on how to get your plugin to serve images from the cloudfront distribution?  Do i need to do that or just point the cachin plugin to the cloudfront dist?
Thanks and awesome plugin.

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Rafi Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Martha,
You are right.
To serve images through CloudFront by using our plugin, at first you will have to connect your site with S3 through our Media Storage to Cloud plugin. And then just put your CloudFront Distribution URL at the  
Content Delivery Network URL field, which will you get under the Settings menu of the plugin. 
Save the settings and CloudFront will start serving images to your site.
Don’t forget to sync the images to the Cloud before start serving.
Also, you can follow this guide to learn about how to connect S3 with your site and this CloudFront guide will help you regarding CloudFront creation and serving media through CDN.
Please let us know if you have any further queries.
Thank you.