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Gary asked 2 years ago

The WooCommerce product variations on the website are being pushed to the FB Shop as separate product items. How do I get it only create one product within the FB catalog with multiple variations?
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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, we did proper research through Facebook and here’s the summary.

It is the rule of Facebook that all variants will be uploaded as a separate product.

The item group id is added for variable products so that when Dynamic Ads are displayed, any one of these variants will show at a time. Two variants will not appear in Dynamic Ads at the same time.

However, in the shop, each variant will be visible as a separate item.

Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 2 years ago

Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say you have a t-shirt with size Small, Medium and Large, and the name is Chaka T-shirt.

So, when you upload on Facebook, there will be 3 T-shirts upload.

1. Chaka T-shirt Small
2. Chaka T-shirt Medium
3. Chaka T-shirt Large

So, all 3 will be there in your shop. You don’t have to manually add the variants. All of them will be there, just when a person clicks on the product, he will only see one specific size.

How Facebook works is when a person needs different sizes, they will inquire about it to you through messages. Then you can give the customer the correct link.

In the shop, you can add buttons either to send a message to you or buy. The best practice is to direct the buy button to your website so that the customer has to buy from your website, which will not create a quantity issue.

And, it is important to upload and update the Facebook feed as frequent as possible to avoid any inventory mismatch.