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William King asked 1 year ago

Instead of using icons, is it possible to use image (or video) as the hotspot. For example picture of a reception lady standing in front of the reception desk. and to take it to the next level, if we click on this image it will play a video of this reception lady welcoming the audience.
I am not sure if it’s the similar concept they used in this website

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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi William,

Sorry for getting back to you late.

Right now, you can not set figures like this on the tour.

However, you can add your custom hotspot icons and set videos (Self-hosted, Youtube, Vimeo) to it.

So, if a viewer clicks on the hotspot, it will play a video on a pop-up.

Here is the doc to set custom icons:

Here is the documentation to set videos on hotspots: