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Riley asked 1 year ago

Hey I am trying to have my feeds update every hour. However it has been like 24 hours since the last update on this feed and it still says processing. I understand I have a huge store at like 34,000 products. Waht do you recommend I do. I have a crazy powerful server. I have the batch at 250? Should I increase or decrease that? What else could I do to make this update every hour?

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C S Sultan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, if you have a strong enough server, then maybe you can increase the batch.

The reason the feed processing is failing is because there are so many products, and when the hourly update is initiating, there are many other processes running in the server. So altogether the resources are not enought.

I would suggest not to use an hourly update when you have more than 10 thousand products as that really puts stress on the server.

For now, you can go to Product feed > Settings > Controls and click on the clear batch. Then update the feed manually. I suggest change the Refresh intervals to Daily if possible. Or increase the batch size (if the server can handle it) to finish the process faster.