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mark ketzler asked 1 year ago

I am having an issue with the Facebook setup. get the following error when saving settings:
Invalid Scopes: pages_manage_ads, pages_manage_metadata, pages_read_engagement, pages_read_user_content, pages_manage_posts, pages_manage_engagement, publish_to_groups. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:

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Shammi Rahman Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mark,
To let you know, based on this article from June 1,
Facebook updated all of their old permissions to new permission types.
If you are using our latest plugin and your Facebook app is updated to new API then please clear the cache and run the auth again.
Facebook updated their API in June of this year and we released an update of our plugin for that too.
If the permissions are denied then your Facebook app API permissions are not updated yet.
You can simply create a new Facebook app and try the auth in dev mode.
But before making the app live you must submit your business app to review.
Remember facebook won’t allow the public app to post on page and group before the review process but you can test on dev mode.
Let us know if you face any more issues.