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Alexander asked 2 years ago

I receive the following error when trying to add a scene: “Warning: Default scene is required. Set a scene as deafualt to load it by default.” The scene is definitely set as default. Adding another scene and changing the default between the two scenes confirms that this is set as the default scene.
Am I hitting a limit for scenes and this is how you are then forced to go ‘Pro?’ This is the ninth scene I have used (although 1 tour contained 3 scenes).
Based on this error and the basic spelling error within the error message, I don’t yet have any confidence to pay for Pro.

2 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Alexander, thanks for trying out our plugin.
There is a limit of 5 of scenes per tour and 5 hotspots per scene. But in that case, you will get an error message stating that you have reached the limit.

It should not create any other errors. Hence, the default scene error you are facing could be some other case.

Do you use the latest version of WPVR?

C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Alexander, since we didn’t hear from you for a while, I believe the issue was resolved. So I’m closing this thredt for now. If you need help again, feel free to open another thread. Thanks.