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Fred Macias asked 11 months ago

I am having trouble generating a feed for Snapchat, I have over 60 products and generated feeds not even have half of it.
And when I try to upload it on Snapchat it says “upload failed” “The feed file does not contain any valid data”
Need help with this, please.

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C S Sultan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi can you provide us with the feed link, and if possible, can you collect the error report from snapchat and send give it to us?


Fred Macias answered 11 months ago
Here’s the feed link.
The error is: “The feed file does not contain any valid data”

Fred Macias answered 11 months ago

And not all the products are coming on that CSV file as well. It’s really frustrating.

Fred Macias answered 11 months ago

If this is not gonna work out I need a refund on this product. I am not happy with this.

C S Sultan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, if you are using the Pro plugin, then you need to activate the license after installing the Pro plugin. Only then you will get all the products in the feed. Watch this video to make sure you have activated the plugin correctly:

Also, Snapchat prefers CSV format, as a result, we created the CSV format. Here’s their guide:

Also, Snapchat requires you to set up Snap pixel before submitting feed. Did you do that?

Here’s their guide:

And to generate a successful Snapchat feed for your shop, please tweak the feed into this:

After that if you submit the feed to Snapchat, it should be accepted.

I know you asked for a refund, but it’s only because you are new with the plugin, and probably missed some settings in the feed. In fact, any other tool you use for feed generation, you will face the same learning curve.

So what I suggest is, since you are a Pro user, why not take premium support from us via e-mail, or support tickets from your account, or on our live chat. We will be more than happy to assist you promptly to help you set up the feed. This is a free forum area where support responses are slow.

After we give you instructions, if the issue is not solved, you can happily request a refund. So please reach us via tickets in your Rextheme account and let us give you premium support and help you solve your issue.