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Andrea Guerra asked 2 years ago


I have 2 problems with google merchant auth process and product feed sending process:

Every 3600 seconds the api authorization expires, so I’m not able to send feeds to google shopping and I have to click on “authorize” again to send feeds again, I think it’s a plugin issue, I’ve followed the step by step video guide provided.

When I import products, in field “product description” it imports also html markup, there’s a way to sanitize text from html tags?


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C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, if you have clicked on Send to Google once, then you don’t need to send it again. Google will automatically fetch the data on your scheduled time from then on.
The token expires for Google security reasons. You only need to authorize and send to Google again if you want to change the auto-sync schedule. Else, if you just update the feed, Google will fetch the data at the scheduled time automatically.
For removing HTML tags, you can use the sanitization for “strip tags”. It should remove all HTML tags from the description.