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Ed Butcher asked 2 years ago

I have 2 custom product attributes: which I am mapping to \”title\” and \”color\”, both containing text valueswe need both of these to be output in the Google feed, but both are empty: what is the solution here?  <item> <g:id>11938</g:id> <g:title> <![CDATA[ ]]> </g:title> <g:description> <![CDATA[ Elements are the basic building blocks of the METOMICS system. Buy what you need to build your designs, and display the result. Available in 5 colours: <ul> <li>Aztec Gold</li> <li>Space Silver</li> <li>Ruby Red</li> <li>Charcoal Black</li> <li>Azure Blue</li> </ul> This pack contains 50 pieces of 1×1 Round in Aztec Gold. ]]> </g:description> <g:link> <![CDATA[×1-pack-50-pcs/ ]]> </g:link> <g:product_type> <![CDATA[ Elements, Aztec Gold, pk 50 ]]> </g:product_type> <g:google_product_category>3287</g:google_product_category> <g:image_link> <![CDATA[ ]]> </g:image_link> <g:condition> <![CDATA[ New ]]> </g:condition> <g:availability>in stock</g:availability> <g:price>8.5GBP</g:price> <g:brand> <![CDATA[ METOMICS ]]> </g:brand> <g:mpn> <![CDATA[ 93000301 ]]> </g:mpn> <g:color> <![CDATA[ ]]> </g:color> </item>

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C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, can you provide the feed link?