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Jason asked 1 year ago

Hi, Your prospective customer requests… 1: Can I upload a 360 pic instead of 180? 2: Can I have my branding logo inside each pic a: Also the ability to place the logo it anywhere b: Also the logo must be a clickable link 3: Will any WP popup builder plugins crash or affect your plugin or the video eg: 4: Bottom row scene gallery – when hovering the scene gallery, have auto pop tooltip location description. It can be confusing if many scenes are involved 5: NO lifetime pricing for 1 site but only 5 sites Do update \”Each\” point when are you planning to include all these important and valuable features. Thank you !!

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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Jason,
Here are the answers to your queries:
1. You can upload both 360 degree and 180-degree images and create virtual tours with them.
However, you have to use the partial panorama feature for 180-degree images.
2. Yes, you can have your own logo on each photo/scene.
a. The place of the logo is not customizable at this moment.
b. Making the logo clickable with an URL sounds like a great idea, I’ll discuss it with our team. You can also add it to our WPVR Road Map suggestions here:
3. We haven’t heard about any plugin conflict with any pop-up builder yet, if you face any, let us know.
4. Can you explain to us a bit more about this?
5. We’ve updated our pricing plans and now you can Purchase a lifetime plan for 1 site.
Let us know if you have any more questions.