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Erik asked 3 years ago

We are currently testing your WPVR-plugin. If we try to open a picture (larger the the tour-window) by clicking on a hotspot, the picture will be smaller than the tour-window. Clicking on a hotspot opens the picture (and we can make it smaller by using height and width, but we can\’t make it bigger than the tour-window). eg: tour is in a 900x600px window, and the picture to open is 1500x1000px. We tried to use some CSS (eg .entry-content img and set max-width to 200% or changing content-box) which opens the picture bigger, but it is still confined to the 900x600px tour (picture is cut off at the tour-window edges). We also tried using a lightbox-plugin (Responsive Lightbox Light) to open the image \’on top\’ of the tour-window (by entering <img src=\”https://xyz.jpg\” rel=\”lightbox\”> as the On-click Content) but this doesn\’t work: the picture doesn\’t open in a lightbox (the tour-window seems to be the lightbox it keeps opening in). We need the pictures to open in the original size, so if they are bigger than the tour-window, they have to like appear on top of it. Is this possible in the Pro-Version? Or is there any way we can achieve this?

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C S Sultan Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for trying out our plugin.
Unfortunately, we didn’t add any feature to view photos on hotspots outside the container of the Virtual Tour.

What you can do is, you can add a image link to the URL type hotspot, that will take viewer to a new tab to view the photo.