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Harish Rajendran asked 2 months ago

Hi, I have a few doubts to be clarified. We have bought your plugin to sync custom feeds in the google merchant center. 1. Will the plugin automatically submit the feed to google including the changes in the products (Ex. Price, Stock, etc) for every 1 hour. 2. Every time I log in and see the Feed, it asks me to authenticate the Google Merchant Settings, with the below message. How can I avoid authenticating every single time I log in. Your access token has expired. This application uses OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs. Please insert the information below and authenticate token for Google Merchant Shop. The generated access token expires after 3600 secs 3. Whenever I update the feed after Authenticating and send it to Google it creates an entirely new Google Merchant feed in the same name. Why is that happening?