All ticketsCategory: TechnicalMultiple tours in one Divi element: all but the first tour are broken (hyper-zoomed?)
Ned Sahin asked 2 years ago

I am using Divi on WordPress. I have tried several times to put multiple scenes into an element: both with the “slider” module and with the “tabs” module. As you may know, the slider allows for the user to swipe sideways to flip amongst several items such as pictures or videos or text boxes. In this case I put the short code for one scene  into the text field of each slider item. This should allow the user to swipe among multiple 360s.
I also used the Tabs module. This allows for a tabbed element where the user selects a tab to change the content of the module. Here again, I put one short-code per tab, in the text field. 
In both cases I got the same result:
1.) The first tour works. I can see the scene and I can interact with it. (Well, some issues with the interaction, but I will forget those for now.)
2.) the second tour and each other tour does not work. 
3>) When i say it doesn’t work, here is what happens: The Frame of the image (tour) appears. The navigation buttons appear. Therefore, it seems like it is going to work. However, the whole frame is a single color. 
4.) In the tours where the default scene has auto-rotate turned on, the single color changes rapidly. Likewise, if I try to drag the image around the single color also changes very rapidly. 
5.) My hypothesis is that it is behaving as if the 360 images is zoomed way, way in so a single pixel is showing over the whole screen. Or for some reason it is displaying the color of the centermost pixel over the whole screen. 
6.) this only happens when I try to have multiple tours in one elements like I mentioned above (in a tab group or a slider). 
7.) I tried setting the default and max/min zoom values on the scenes in these tours, and it did not help. It did not remove the problem above.

Please can you help me with this rapidly? This is important for my site. 


3 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, can you post a test page with the tours and give us a link?

Ned Sahin replied 2 years ago

Thank you. I look forward to your response. I posted my response in a separate answer below, yesterday. Just FYI.

Ned Sahin answered 2 years ago

Hello. Sorry – I did not see that you had answered. Thank you for being willing to help. I hope that you can diagnose the problem rapidly.
I made a test page:
The lower-left element (in the desktop version) is the one that demonstrates the problem. In the first tab, WP-VR works, in the other tabs all I see is what looks like one pixel at a time. 

C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ned, that’s a great idea you are trying to achieve.
However, the bad news is, right now, the plugin does not have support for displaying multiple tours through Tabs or sliders.
We have added the concept to our development plans and will implement it in the future.

Ned Sahin replied 2 years ago

Thank you for investigating the issue. I understand that you have determined that this cannot be supported right now. it is good that you have added to the roadmap. If there is any way to notify me directly when it is implemented, I would appreciate that.
Glad you like the idea.