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Mark Stevens asked 1 year ago

We have 937 products in feed and 168 disapproved.
I’ve just done a google search console report for one product, our SKU602 and it says :

4 warnings

Missing field “review” (optional)

Missing field “brand” (optional)

Missing field “aggregateRating” (optional)

No global identifier provided (e.g., gtin, mpn, isbn) (optional)

How can I solve this?

1 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, you either need to include a couple of identifiers to the feed or submit the ‘identifier exists’ attribute as no to the feed.

The quickest solution to this is to assign your product SKU as the MPN and assigning a static brand value in the feed. (see image)
But it’s best if you could add a real MPN or GTIN to your WooCommerce products, which you can later use as the values in these attributes.

Or you can not include brand, gtin or mpn and add the attribute ‘identifier exists’ and assign the value ‘identifier exists calculator’. (see image)

Either of the options above will work. Thanks.