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All ticketsCategory: TechnicalManufacturer and MPNs not populating
Simon Evans asked 1 month ago

WooCommerce Product Feed question
In my feed I have mapped “Manufacturer (Brand)” to a product attribute called “Brand” and mapped “MPN” to a product attribute called “Model Number”. But when I check the XML the values for these fields just show “<![CDATA[ ]]> “.
Other attributes are mapping properly, and I have checked that there are values assigned to these attributes.
Any ideas?

2 Answers
Simon Evans answered 1 month ago

Resolved as I found that the attributes are duplicated several times under different headings. Using the ones under “Product Dynamic Attributes” instead of the ones under “Product Attributes” or “Product Custom Attributes” resolved the issue.

Rafi Staff answered 1 month ago


It’s good to hear that your issue was resolved.

For further support, you can send us an e-mail at [email protected] or knock us on the live chat, and then we can give you faster support.

We are in the process of deprecating the public support thread so the replies here are limited.

Thank You.