All ticketsCategory: TechnicalLatest update to WP VR Pro causes major page delay
A Todd asked 2 years ago


With latest versions, when Pro is activated there is a delay of approx 10 seconds before the initial page response is received.

With Pro deactivated, everything is normal.

Activate Pro and the initial response to the page request takes as much as 12 seconds whereas previously under 1 second.

Once the initial response is received, the page elements load normally.

Something in the latest release of Pro is causing a major delay before the initial page response is created.

Has it been tested in a WP with 100+ posts?

The delay affects homepage, category pages, posts, paging, infinite scroll.

1 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Todd, we are sorry you faced this issue.

We were working on our server, so for the last few hours, the plugin was slow. If you test now, it will work fast.

And about the preview issue, we have tested it and released an update with the fix. However, since you said you didn’t find the solution yet, we will look into it again.