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Eslam Khatab asked 1 year ago

i have an issue , i have entered my images in small size and upload it but the page is so slow and i have contacted with the support and no reply

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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Eslam,

Since you’re having trouble with the page loading speed, we checked the other pages on your website as well.

We found that all of your pages are taking a huge amount of time to load.

You can check out the result here:

Also, here is the performance result of your home page:
Now, WPVR is only requesting 6 or 7 of these scripts.

And you can stop this too.

We have a feature named Control Script Loading, which allows you to control the loading of scripts of your website.

Follow this documentation for it:

Just remember, you have to list out the pages with virtual tours, once you enable this option.

But again, there are still so many requests running on your site.

Since you’re a pro customer, we can give you an advice to reduce the loading time of your site.

You can combine all the CSS files into one single file and all the JS files into one single file.

This will also reduce the load time by a bit.

About the plugin, I can only advise you to use the Control Script Loading feature for now.