All ticketsI want to load external image by url, not in MEDIA LIBRARY.
chohosung asked 2 years ago

I want to load external image by ‘url’, not from MEDIA LIBRARY.

As you know, VIDEO and SCENE can be loaded from external url.
But To make view of ‘panorama image’ or ‘360 image’, we must use MEDIA LIBRARY in my site host.

The host storage size is not enough for The big 360 image.

And Plz add option of ‘View panorama -180 – image’ not ‘360 image’.

1 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi thanks for reaching out to us. Right now, we yet did not include the option to use an image from an external link. We are trying to find a secure way to make that happen. It is still in the process of making.

And thanks for the suggestion on the 180-degree image. We will try to implement that in the future.