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Bobby Dimitrov asked 1 year ago

I’m trying out the WP VR plugin for a single purpose – showing 360 degrees aerial panoramas online on our website. I don’t need the tour or hotspot functionallity.
However, after reading through the manual, I cannot seem to find what is an essential setting for that use case: setting the “starting point” of a panorama, or when loading the page, what is the default view, which point of the panorama is centered in the viewport.
Another thing I cannot find is how to set a default pitch. Usually, aerial panoramas are not viewed with pitch at 0 degrees. The camera is usually pointed at the ground at some angle. That must be able to be set somewhere. Also, the autorotate should respect that setting, not default back to pitch 0.
Please advise, does the plugin has those capabilities or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks!

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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 1 year ago


Thank you for your interest in WPVR.

Yes, you can set a fixed position on each scene from where the scene will load.

Follow this documentation:

If you follow this, you can set the starting point of each scene.

Let me know if you have any more questions, you can ask them right away.