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jshimkus asked 2 years ago – do you have a fix or an update to address the gray bar overlapping the image in the section of the homepage titled “Take great online course from Edurex”? Sometimes the image loads fine and most of the time a gray bar is overlapping the image.

Khorshed Alam replied 2 years ago

Hi Jshimkus,

I just tested this in few devices and it’s working fine, I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem. Would you please share more details about the bug, so we can reproduce and fix it? A screenshot will also help to identify the problem.


jshimkus replied 2 years ago

It seems to happen in IE mostly however does occur in Chrome as well. How do I upload a screenshot? I will be more than happy to send you one.

jshimkus replied 2 years ago – open this page, scroll down about halfway where the section is that we are talking about and then refresh your page