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Norbert asked 6 months ago

I purchased the license and have everything set up, but I am experiencing with issues like after almost 3 hours of generating feed is still only 1 % and only 50 products generated. Can you help please?

Lincoln Islam Staff replied 6 months ago

Hello, Norbert can you open a ticket here? Please let us know your server configuration as well. Thanks

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Jahir Chowdhury Staff answered 6 months ago


Here are the things you can do:

1. Can you please check if the license is active for your pro plugin?

2. Go to Product Feed > Settings > System Status and give us a screenshot of this page.

3. How many products you’re trying to generate the feed with?

You can also mail us to [email protected] with these pieces of information.


C S Sultan Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Norbert, I believe the latest update fixed this issue for you. If you face further issues, feel free to let us know. Thanks.

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