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Rae asked 1 year ago

This used to be a great plugin but the past year it has been filled with problems and keeps getting worse. NOW it does NOT include all the products selected! The developers got upset that I was so angry with them the last time I asked for support but all I can say is welp, stop making this product worse and useless! This affects my bottom line!!!!!!! IF not for an old feed from over a year ago that I SAVED and am now editing manually to add new products, I would have only 1/6th of my products in my google shopping campaign! I am so damned sick of this!

1 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, when you say products not added, do you mean the feed or do you mean Google Shopping?
If you are referring to Google Shopping, can you give us a screenshot of the errors you are seeing? Then we can understand what could have gone wrong.