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Mark asked 1 year ago

I’m having several problems with your plugin trying to produce a proper MIP feed. 
1. Despite telling the filter to only include products with quantity greater than 0, it included several products with 0 quantity
2. It didn’t include price, color, or the static value for condition
3. Why does the csv include the words for the value as a column (sku, title) instead of on the top of a row? that doesn’t make any sense and just takes a lot of extra time for me to remove
4. Why does the csv include the words “featured image” and “additional image”? They’re of no use to ebay, and just like the column full of sku and other values from my wordpress site, it’s just a lot of extra work to remove

1 Answers
C S Sultan Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, can you give a screenshot of the feed configurations you used? Then I can guide you on how this can be fixed.