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Michael Johnston asked 2 years ago

I bought the pro version of the plugin and have my facebook merchant feed set up ok. I tried to set up a feed for Google Merchant Center. In Google Merchant Center it says that the feed is fine for the other google products across the web but that every product in the feed has problems for Google Product Ads. The main problem is that it says that Google Product Categories are not correct. What might I have done wrong? I added Google Product Category to the feed in the feed creation dashboard but maybe I did not point it to the right thing? I also just added categories as another entry on the feed but both of those end up pointing to the same thing.

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C S Sultan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, can you give us screenshots to the feed configuration settings you set up when generating feed?

Also, did you set up the category mapping? If so, give us a screenshot of that. Thanks.