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Jason Jaffers asked 11 months ago

I have been using Rextheme for a while now for Pinterest and Facebook. At present I have not been able to successfully list products on both platforms.
For Pinterest I think it is a problem there end and am working through accordingly.
For Facebook I get rejections due to Availability & Universal ID’s (I cannot upload a screenshot!). I have tried to fix this with no success. I have stock status [availability] and manufacturer [brand] set up as a feed attribute but Facebook will not accept the output.
Can you please help.
Thanks & regards

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C S Sultan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, can you e-mail us at, and then we can give you faster support. We are in the process of deprecating the public support thread so the replies here are limited. Once you email us with the screenshots, we will reply to you via email with proper instructions.