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alan asked 1 year ago

I received the email below, which I (as stated in reviews and the forum on have no way to respond to. No, the issue is not resolved. The issue is that the etsy plugin doesn\\\\\\\’t work, and there are no plans to fix it. Jahir Chowdhury has answered your question at \\\\\\\”Private: No products added\\\\\\\”: Hi, We haven\\\\\\\’t heard anything from you in a while. Let us know if you\\\\\\\’re still facing the issue. Thanks.

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C S Sultan Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Alan, as we explained in the WordPress repository, Etsy template that we have is deprecated. And the current Etsy template is not accessible by us. Since Etsy changed their structure, now it is not possible to generate a feed with our plugin. We will try to work on it in future, but as of now, we won’t be able to improve it as we are not able to find a valid Etsy template instructions. If you have any such document, you may provide it to us and we can work on updating it. Hope you understand. Thanks.

alan answered 1 year ago

I know that. Thus my comment of “the etsy plugin doesn’t work, and there are no plans to fix it”.
You should also fix what this post is about, too.
As far as your Esty plugin not working, maybe you should try this:

alan answered 1 year ago

I would also like to point out, this is a paid plugin. You are literally asking me to provide you with what you do not know how to find, so you can fix your broken plugin, then charge me for it.