OK the design is perfect even if it become a totally different project.These are things that i would love on the site. same functions as they are but working.
1. Customer review withe the rating
2. Easy insertion of company detains from Reservations, menus, hot dishes, recipes, gallery
3. The footer should respectively have info only for that company that has been opened like the closing times and so fourth
4. Basically what am asking for is a CMS web site that will have a list of companies on the home page or types of food example,https://www.zomato.com/ (my site is locally based not international). But the template will be the main focus with companies details, food and all that.
5. Location based services the companies should have a map that shows where other franchises are based.
At a minimum what can you create for me and certain tweaks i can do myself like aligning stiff, the layout basicly and how much would it cost. What i was going to do was just add modules for comments and rating system but page load was going to be a pain because of a lot of small businesses that i will add on the list but using a CMS would be entirely better. How much would it cost. I am alone on this project that’s why i am asking how much it will cost