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Scenes Settings

Basically, every single panorama you want to include in your Virtual tour is a scene. Under Scenes You get the following options:

Scenes Settings 1

Set as default: Marking it “Yes” will set the current scene as the Default Scene, which means that this particular scene will be the first scene viewed in your virtual tour by default.

If you want another scene as default, simply switch to the other scene and mark it as “Yes” and the default scene will be switched to that particular scene.

Scene ID: Scene ID is the initialization of a scene. You need to asign unique scene IDs to every scene you wish to upload.

You can set a scene as the default scene, to be loaded as the starting scene of your virtual tour, using its Scene ID. An example is given below.

Scenes Settings 2

Assign a Scene ID :

Scenes Settings 3

Assign the ID as Default Scene ID under General Settings

You can also use the Scene ID to assign a scene as the Target Scene under Hotspot, i.e. clicking on the hotspot will take you to this scene.

Scenes Settings 4

Assign as a Hotspot Target Scene :

Scene Type: Scene type is set as ‘equirectangular’ for now. It means that it will only view equirectangular format of a scene panorama image.

Scene Upload: Upload a panorama image to use it as your current scene.

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