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Gyroscope Settings

WPVR has makes it possible to use a phone and move it about to see the virtual tour in a semi-realistic manner.

Gyroscope Support (Pro Feature):

To get enable this feature, your website must be SSL certified (i.e. your website should start with https).

On the tour setup page, under General Settings and you will find the field “Gyroscope Control”. Turn it “On” to activate it on mobile devices.

Turn On Gyroscope Settings

Once you publish a tour, embed it on the page or post you desire.

Opening that page/post of a mobile device will show a small icon on the top left corner, just below the control menu. Tap on it to activate it and tap again to deactivate the mode.

WPVR Gyroscope On or Off

It is best to first go on full-screen mode, lock phone orientation and then go on gyroscope mode for a better experience.