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Export, Import and Duplicate Tour

Export & Import WPVR Virtual Tour (Pro):

You can now Export a virtual tour and Import it on other sites that have WPVR Pro installed and activated.

How to Export a virtual tour?

Once a tour is published, a new Export tab will appear on the tour edit page.

Export Tab

Go to the Export tab and you will find the option to download the tour.

Export Download

Click on download, and a copy of your tour will be downloaded in zip format.

Thus you have successfully exported a virtual tour.

How to Import a virtual tour?

If you have a downloaded copy of a WPVR virtual tour, then you can import it on any site that also has WPVR Pro.

To import, go to Dashboard > WPVR > Getting Started

Getting Started WPVR

On the top, you will find a tab called Import. Click on it to go to the import page.

Import tab

Click on the red button and upload the zip file of the tour you wish to import. And once the file is added, an URL will appear below it.

File Import

Then click on the submit button. Once the import is complete, you will get a message on the top right corner with the confirmation.

Tour Imported

Then you can simply go to Dashboard > WPVR > Tours and see that the tour is added with a new tour ID.

Duplicate Tour (Pro)

If you want to create a duplicate of a tour, it is possible through WPVR Pro.

Go to Dashboard > WPVR > Tours.

Here, you will find all tours you have created on this site.

Hover the mouse on the tour you want to duplicate and you will see a duplicate button.

Duplicate tour

Click on it. A duplicate tour will be created with a new tour ID and you will be redirected to the tour setup page of the duplicate tour.

Now you can either edit it or publish it as per your requirements.