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How To Connect Google Cloud Storage

Before connecting the Media Storage to Cloud plugin with your Google Cloud Storage bucket, ensure that you have already:

  • Created a Service Account;
  • And a Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

If you haven’t set up these two on your GCP account, follow this documentation to set it up.

If you have set up your GCP account properly, follow these simple steps to connect the Cloud Storage bucket with Media Storage to Cloud:

Step 1: 

Go to your DashboardWP CloudSettings and click on the Google Cloud logo under Select Storages section.

This section for authorization will appear. Where you have to provide your Cloud Storage credentials.

Google Cloud Storage Credentials


Insert the GCS JSON data you got while creating the Service Account.


Insert the name of the bucket you will be using.

Confirm Google Cloud Bucket Credentials

After filling up these fields, click on the blue Save button.

If you’ve filled the fields with correct information, this message will appear on your screen.

Google Cloud Storage Data Saved

This confirms the successful connection with Media Storage to Cloud with your Google Cloud Storage bucket.

You’re now ready to sync your WordPress media files with your bucket.

Step 2: 

Click on the Sync section and choose Google Cloud Storage.

Sync With Google Cloud Storage Bucket

Now, click on the blue Sync button.

Your media files will start synchronizing with your Google Cloud bucket.

The syncing may take a few minutes. 

Do not reload or close the tab during syncing. Otherwise, the syncing will fail.

Step 3: 

On this step, you’ll set up the offloading settings for Google Cloud Storage to your preferences. 

Go to the Settings section and click on Google Cloud Storage.

Setting Options Google Cloud Storage-Bucket

You’ll find these 3 options:

Serve Media File From Bucket: 

Turning on this feature will serve all the media files on your website directly from the Google Cloud bucket.

Upload Media Files On Bucket When Uploading On Media Library: 

Turning on this feature will auto-sync all the new media files you will be uploading on your media library with the bucket.

Delete Media From Bucket When Deleted From The Media Library: 

Turning on this feature will auto-delete any media file from the Google Cloud bucket if it’s deleted from the media library.

Save Settings For Google Cloud Storage

Now click on the blue Save button.

Settings Saved

A green message will show up confirming that your new settings have been saved.

Now you’re ready to offload your WordPress media files to Google Cloud Storage and serve from there.