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Useful Options On Controls Tab

Under the Controls tab, in Product Feed > Settings, there are more useful settings that you can use to get better results of your feed.

Go to Dashboard > Product Feed > Settings.

WPFM - Settings Menu

On top, click on the tab called Controls, and it will give you some control options.

Controls Tab

Here you will the following options:

  • Product(s) per batch
  • Clear batch
  • Fix WooCommerce’s (JSON-LD) Structured Data Bug
  • Exclude TAX From Structured Data Prices
  • Add Unique Product Identifiers (Brand,GTIN,MPN,UPC and EAN)
  • Add Detailed Product Attributes (Size, Pattern, Material, Age Group, Gender)

Click on the buttons on the right side of each of them to activate/deactivate these features (blue for active, grey for deactivated).