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Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce Etsy Integration – How to guide

Follow the easy steps below to learn how you can upload your products on Etsy with the Product Feed Manager Etsy Addon plugin.

Step 1- Install Product Feed Manager and Etsy plugin  #

1. To use the Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce – Etsy Addon plugin, at first you need to make sure that the following plugins are installed and activated on your sites:

Required Activated Plugins For Etsy Addon
  1. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce (least accepted version 6.7.1)
  2. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce Pro (least accepted version 5.2.2)
  3. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce – Etsy Addon

2. Once the plugins are installed, now you also need to make sure that the Product Feed Manager Pro License is activated.

Go to Product Feed Manager >> License and check whether it is activated.

Product Feed Manager License Page

If you see that the license is activated – now you are ready to start using the Product Feed Manager – Etsy Addon.

Step 2 -Configure Etsy API #

1. Click on Etsy Settings from the WordPress Dashboard under the Product Feed Manager.

It will take you to the Etsy API Configuration page.

Configure ETSY API Page

2. Now enter the following credentials here:

  1. Consumer Key String
  2. Consumer Secret
Etsy API Configuration Required Fields

Go to this link and click on the SEE API KEY DETAILS option to get the Consumer Key String, and the Consumer Secret: Apps You’ve Made – Etsy Developers

4. Insert the credentials and then copy the Redirect URL and go to Edit Your App – Etsy Developers.

Select your API and click on the Edit your callback URLs button.

Etsy Edit Callback URL

Now, click on Add Callback URL and paste your Redirect URL here.

Click on the Save button.

3. Now go back to Etsy configuration page and click on the Submit button.

4. Once you click on the Submit button, if the given credentials are correct, then you will get a new Do Authorize button.

Etsy Do Authorize Button

5. Click on the Do Authorize button, It will take you to the Etsy Grant Access page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Grant Access button.

Grant Etsy Access

Once you grant the access, it will take you back to the Etsy Configuration page.

Step 3 – Generate Shipping ID  #

You are now connected with Etsy API, now it is time to generate a new Shipping ID.

1. Click on the Shipping option from the top.

Etsy Shipping ID Generate Option

2. Here, insert all the required information.

Etsy API Configuration Required Fields

3.  Click on the Generate button, and you will see that a new Shipping ID has been generated.

Generate Etsy Shipping ID

Step 4 – Create A New Product Feed   #

1. On your dashboard, click on Product Feed > Add New Feed.

Product Feed Manager - Add New Feed

You will be taken to a blank feed generation page.

Product Feed Manager - New Feed

2. Give a name to your feed.

Generating New Feed

3. From the Products dropdown, you can select whether you would like to generate this feed for all of your products, or you can choose a filter option to exclude certain products.

4. Keep the “Include Variable Parent Product” as no and the “Include Product Variations” as Yes.

Include variable parent or variants

5. You can keep the rest as it is unless required.

Step 5 – Send Data To Etsy #

1. Scroll down to the Feed Configuration section. Here, select Etsy as the Merchant Type & XML as the File Format.

Product Feed Manager Select Etsy

2. You will see that all the required attributes for Etsy will appear below and it is already configured, except a few.

Notice that most of the attributes are configured.

3. You will simply need to assign values for the following:

  • Shipping ID
    Here you need to select the Shipping ID you created after connecting with Etsy API. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find an option to select the Shipping ID.
Select Etsy Shipping ID
  • Who made it
    You need to select who made this from the dropdown.
Select Etsy Who Made It Option
  • When did you make it
    Select the year when it was made.
Select Etsy Option When Did You Make It
  • What is it
    Select what type of product it is.
Select Etsy Option What Is It
  • Taxonomy ID
    Here, enter the Taxonomy ID. You can get the exact taxonomy ID accroding to your product type from here.
  • Header
    Enter the header text here, you can skip it for now.

4. Next, scroll up and Publish the feed.

Once you click on the Publish button, you will see the success message, and also you will see a message that Products are being sent to Etsy, this means that your products are now being uploaded to Etsy.

Data Sending To Etsy Message

If you go to your shop and refresh the page, you will see that products are being uploaded to your shop.

Products are uploaded on Etsy

Once the upload is complete, you will get a message that the Product uploading is completed.

Product Feed Manager - Data Sent To Etsy Successfully

This is it, your products are now uploaded to your Etsy Shop.

Now if you go to your Etsy Shop, you will see that your WooCommerce products are now uploading on Etsy.

Products Are Uploading On Etsy

** Remember Etsy may take up to 7 days to approve your products.