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How Social Booster Works

Once the plugin is Installed and Activated, go to Dashboard > Social Booster.

Plugin added on WP dashboard

It will take you to the Social Booster Dashboard.

Social Booster Dashboard

Now, you need to follow 2 steps to be able to use Social Booster properly.

Step 1 : Connect Social Networks

Go to the Networks Tab.

Networks Tab

Here, you need to Connect your required social media channel for which you wish to use Social Booster and perform Auto-posting.

Here are detailed step by step guides to setting up each channels:

Once you have connected the required Networks, you will be able to view it just under Connected Network in the Networks tab.

Step 2 : Auto-Post or Schedule a Post

Once you have connected your required Networks, simply use one of the few ways mentioned in the following guide, to use Social Booster.

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