Cart Lift Dashboard Overview

Once you have installed and activated Cart Lift, click on the Cart Lift menu on your WordPress dashboard.

It will take you to the plugin dashboard.

Cart Lift Dashboard

The plugin dashboard has 4 major sections:

  • Reports – Get detailed analytics and reports on the recovery campaign
  • Carts – Observe the abandoned carts on your site
  • Campaigns – Set up the abandoned cart recovery campaign
  • Settings – Implement special settings required for a better outcome.

Now, let us look at how you can set up and use the plugin completely, step-by-step.

We’ve broken down the process in to very smalls steps so that it is easy for you to set up and run your abandoned cart recovery campaign. (Click to get full step-by-step tutorial.)

Step 1 – Set up your recovery campaign ➜

Step 2 – Track Shopping Cart Abandonment Automatically ➜

Step 3 – Observe Your Abandoned Carts ➜

Step 4 – Track Shopping Cart Abandonment Automatically ➜

Step 5 – Set Abandoned Cart Expiration and Cut-off time ➜

Step 6 – Enable notifications for Abandoned Carts ➜

Step 7 – Set Display Name And Email To Send Recovery Email From ➜

Step 8 – SMTP for Abandoned Cart Email ➜

Step 9 – Relax and observe recovery campaign analytics ➜

If you follow these small steps, your abandoned cart recovery campaign will be up and running in no time and hopefully, you will start seeing results very soon.

So let’s start with the steps in the next guide.