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mandychoong asked 2 years ago

My theme on real mobile phone, the language option has problem. It will dropdown, but isn’t clickable. Please support.

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Lincoln Islam Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi thanks for buying the template. Just checked from mobile, i can see its working fine can you be more specific about the issue?

mandychoong replied 2 years ago

Hi Lincoln, have you follow up with my theme issue? The languages are still not clickable when using mobile. I think it is some issue with bootstrap dropdown.
Also another thing, at the call to action section, the girl image keep disappearing.

mandychoong replied 2 years ago

this is my new link:

mandychoong answered 2 years ago

Hi Lincoln,
On real mobile phones: The dropdown function is okay, but the options are not clickable. Meaning, not selectable. If u try selecting the language ‘B.Melayu’ or the other one ‘chinese’ it does not work, and it simply closes the dropdown.
I have tried in desktop viewing as mobile size(chrome>inspect>Toggle devise toolbar), it works fine.

Lincoln Islam Staff replied 2 years ago

Hey You should receive notification from Themeforest with the latest update

mandychoong replied 2 years ago

Hi Lincoln, much thanks, I have got the latest update ald. However can I know which part of the code your side has made changes on? because I have altered my code to work with rails turbolink and it’s good I don’t mess that part up 🙂 thanks